Karihome - New Zealand Goat Milk Growing-up Formula for Children over 12 months {REVIEW}

by - December 16, 2017

Karihome - New Zealand Goat Milk Growing-up Formula for Children over 12 months

Karihome - New Zealand Goat Milk Growing-up Formula for Children over 12 months

I truly believe that milk plays a crucial role in terms of cleverness. I'm a good example~ I used to drink goat milk when I was young haha! So, that's the reason why I am who I am now! Ahem (clearing throat)~ Keke! But not just me, there's a lot of online articles narrating the similar statement. Do your babies drink goat milk? I'd like to share this info with you mummies - Karihome - New Zealand Goat Milk Growing-up Formula for Children over 12 months!

Not sure whether you'd heard of this brand before~
So, let's scroll downwards to know more~

FYI, this is not for my baby and I don't have baby! Haha! I gave this Karihome product to my lovely best friend named Catherine aka Catherini~ Coz she has a cute, almost 2-year-old kid called Berlin! We had lunch at the Din Tai Fung Gurney Plaza and I took the opportunity to give this product a few shots~ The background isn't that bad right?!

Meanwhile... This babe was wondering in his sweet dream... 😂

Why shall we choose Goat Milk Formula?

  • Good Nutrition - Albeit cow milk is healthy too, but there has been always a statement saying goat milk is healthier than cow milk. Why? As per the professional research by doctor, goat milk contain an amalgamation of high nutrition which reinforces in children’s health and well-being. To be more professional and in-depth, they are nucleotides, silica acid and taurine and casein phosphopeptides (CPP) that specifically increases the our body’s solubility and absorption of mineral.
  • Easier to digest - softer curds which can be digested about a third of time faster than normal cow milk.
  • Boost tummy health - Develop and maintain your gastrointestinal tract barrier function which could eventually prevent vomiting, diarrhea and tummy upset.
  • Minimize allergenic burden - Allergens are found lesser in goat milk than cow milk which gives a lower possibility of getting allergy reaction while consuming goat milk. Case studies exemplify such scenarios where the children were diagnosed of itchy skin and rashes became better and recovered after switching to goat milk formula.
I profoundly think that Catherini can be a good mommy blogger haha~ 
Let's look at the pics that she sent me! 
(Even got minion as part of the backdrop.)

Why shall we choose Karihome?

KARIHOME’s goat milk products have been safely proved and certified by

  • Codex Alimentarius Commission (2007)
  • European Food Safety Authority
  • Ministry of Health Malaysia

Where can I get?

You can just click in this link (http://www.karihome.com.tw/ms-MY/location/index?c=PENANG&d=GURNEY) and change the location to the nearest one and ‘search’.

**Product of New Zealand and it’s HALAL.

Time to feed the cute little babe!
'I'm still sleepy mummy~ It's ok, I'm hungry by the way'

'Hmmm! How does it taste differently from my usual milk?'

=Let his facial expression do the job in telling the story's ending part=

Dear Berlin,
I sincerely hope you enjoy this Karihome product and hope you would be as perfect as your parents!

Wonder Queen. 

PS: Don't follow your mummy's instruction to call me Aunty ya!

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  1. I am also convinced, that goat milk has a lot of advantages. But I feed my boy with goat milk formula from Holle (you can check it out here https://myorganicformula.com/brands/holle/formula). I really can recommend this, because it is made in europe, where they have higher standards in food production than here.


    1. Hi Amy,

      Thanks for your information!
      I'll try it if I have babies in the future~