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42 La bohéme @ Penang

by - August 06, 2013

         42 La bohéme is an unique cafe which serves the french food. I really like this cafe because it is rare to have a french restaurant which is reasonable in price in Penang! I still remembered the first time I went to this cafe was back in 2012 with 2 of my sisters! And at that time, we was using quite some time to figure its location out. Keke! It is located in between a row of old Chinese style house so it makes it even more difficult to notice it.
        It's owned by a pair of multinational lovebirds haha coz the one is Asian and her hubby is a French! Many people complaint that the female owner is not that friendly and nice and always shows her angry and impatient face. BUT, I do not think so! Everytime I go to there, she treats me and my family nicely with a warm smile. She even takes the initiative to start to talk to us! Maybe this is what we called fate and destiny! Those who do not like the female owner have not destined to be able to talk to her! Keke! And I don't like people say bad things about her coz I just don't feel in that way! Okay let's start the pics-talk!
This was the first time we been there after a long and tired journey at GYM! Keke! We ordered the fruit tart and an almond croissant and a meal! After consuming these delicious food, I did not gain weight maybe they used the olive oil in cooking these awesome lunch! 

After having lunch at there, we took away an Apple Tart and a Berry Tart! YUM! These were for my daddy coz he is a TART addict!

This time I went there with my Siao Kia Group! This is the Apple Tart or Pie. This is really fragrant and full of Apple sweetness! I like the textures of it, first you can taste the upper layer which is the Apple with sugary flavor and it is not mushy at all. Secondly, you can taste the lower layer which is the tart, and most importantly it is not powdery and is not too hard to bite in. It is just perfect-baked!

This is the Almond Croissant! Its cover is so so crunchy and the inner part is very soft and full of butter with almond fragrant! It is not so sweet so it is good for us!

This is their signature, CREME BRULEE! This is freaking awesome and marvelous! It is fulled of caramel aroma and the inside is so soft in texture and will melt immediately in your mouth! The upper part is remarkably nice as it is sugar and its texture is like a candy so you can choose to bite it or let it stay inside your mouth and melt! YUM YUM!

While waiting for all the orders to be served, we captured a lot of pics! This is Megan with her lion!

E Joo, me with Hae B! Yeppi! But I was so starving at that time!

This is the Quiche Lorraine and it is a meal so comes with a bowl of salad! This is so good! I like the eggy smell and also the melted cheese on top!

This one, I have no idea about its name! Keke! So sorry! Coz it has been 7 months ago from the date we visited it! But I can surely tell you that this is delicious! This is also taste like pizza but the bottom is taste like a bread or toast. The upper filling is so scrumptious and that cheese is just too perfect! It tastes like HEAVEN!

This is the Galette if not mistaken. Inside has chicken and tomatoes and served with a salad at the side! It taste like pizza but definitely yummier than pizza as it is crunchy and yummy! Plus, it has lower calories than Pizza!  

Hungry girl Wendy and Twoani and currently-skinniest QIONG! Keke! All of us were so starving and digging these intoxicating food!

Details of La bohème:
french patisserie, viennoiserie. quiche, galette, salads for lunch. Dinner is available on friday, saturday & sunday.
Business Hour:
Closed on Monday and Thursday (but I suggest you guys to go there before 1pm as the pastry or signature dish may be sold out.)
Tue - Wed: 10:30 am - 6:00 pm
Fri - Sun: 10:30 am - 9:00 pm
 42, jalan sri bahari, 10050 Penang. (it is actually located in the same row with The Ship!)
Tel: 017-976 2153

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  1. Wowow! U have a wonderful life as u always hang out wif ur friends n family! It seems like u r a food hunter! :) Keeping on blogging girl I like ur updates utterly!

    1. Keke! I admit that I really have a wonderful and beautiful life n I found that hanging out with my friends and family can actually help me to relieve! I'm in <3 with FOOD! Thanks for your like!


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