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Harvest Times Cafe @ Penang

by - July 29, 2013

          Harvest Times Cafe is a new launch cafe and restaurant in Penang. No doubt, its name indicates that it has a connection with Harvest Inn restaurant. I bet all of you have been to Harvest Inn restaurant to dine in right? Keke! My friend told me that both of these restaurants owned by the same owner. But I am not sure whether this is a fact or not as I did not ask the waiter about that. However, when we paid at the counter, I saw there was displaying the Harvest Times Cafe and also Harvest Inn restaurant business card. So, I suppose they are owned by same owner keke!
         Okay, actually I was there for a gathering with my lovely, funny and cute best friends and our group named as Siao Kia Group. To introduce a bit, Hae B came up with this name and it means crazy kids and it is Hokkien! Funny right?! Whenever we say our group name publicly will soon arise the laughter! Coz this name is too localized!!! 
           Let's start taking a look of our pictures~! 
We can't decide what we want to eat, though there's only one page of menu! Muahaha! This is a MUST personality for every girl! HESITATION!

Still looking at the menu! For like 10 mins! Keke! Don't know who take this pic one! Keke!

This cafe is so good as we can actually take a lot of EMO and model-like pics! Don't you think so?!!

Here's a peep of their menu! I think the price is really reasonable and affordable for me plus they do not charge any taxes!

This is the Tomato Bruschetta categorized as Appetizer. It's french loaf toasted with chopped tomato, onion & herbs. When you bite the loaf, its crunchiness will amaze you! I like it so much!--RM 6.50

This skinny girl ordered this for lunch! (Her name is Zi Qiong, looks exactly like a member of Apink!)

This is the Char-Grilled Teriyaki Chicken Salad tossed in lime honey basil vinaigrette! I really like this as the chicken breasts are really huge and they are very juicy even will spill out the teriyaki juice! Yum Yum! For that salad, it's really appetizing as the lime will actually open the door of my stomach!--RM 14.90

This is my lunch! I ordered this salad as I really wanted to dig in ginormous chicken meat!

Spaghetti Aglio-Olio--RM 13.50! Wow! Although I just had a spoonful of this, but I can tell that it is really delicious! It is so fragrant and the ham is really chewy and irresistible! The spaghetti is well-cooked, not too soft! I very dislike that kind of soft and mushy texture of spaghetti other places served!

Pretty Wan Theng aka Wendy ordered this! She is the Hungry Girl!

Mushroom & Broccoli Spaghetti (Vegetarian)--RM 12.50, this is good too as the mushroom has completely integrated in the sauce of the spaghetti and made it so so aromatic! NICE!

Our Woan Ni aka Ha Ji Won! She is so pretty and innocent in face! She is a Hungry Girl too!

I think this is named as Pesto Chicken Burger, I am not sure about it! It is RM 8.90. It is a two-story burger as they serve two pieces of juicy meat! I freaking like its sauce! Green is so additive but the flavour of it is even greater! LIKE LIKE LIKE!

Yi JOO! She liked this too!

This is Hae B who came up with the Siao Kia group! Keke! She has a very bright smile and she always likes to smile widely! Until her mouth is going to split up! Keke! It's a good thing though!

It looks like a children gathering! Keke! She brought along her sister and brother to have lunch together with us!

Really happy to have a wonderful rendezvous with them!

Harvest Times Cafe @ Penang
Address :4, Irrawaddy Road, 10050 Penang. [Next to AHMO restaurant]
Tel :04-2277004
Business Hours :11am to 3pm / 6pm to 10pm
*Closed on SUNDAY
  Closed for dinner on Tuesday

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  1. You're so sweet n pretty! Please blog about other Penang heritage or unique cafe and restaurant! -Gigi from Penang

    1. Wow! Thanks for your deep compliment ya~! OKOK Sure will update but will take abit long as now I'm kinda busy lah~! Keke! Here's to apologize if I keep you waiting for too long ya~!

  2. Love your post! So interesting!

  3. So is this better than harvest inn??

    1. Erm actually both of these shops serve different category of food. If you prefer western food like chicken chop, you should go for harvest Inn, if you prefer burger and spaghetti, then you should try this one! Both of them also very nice! TQ!


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