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사랑채 Sa Rang Chae Korean Restaurant @ Gottlieb Road, Penang.

by - December 31, 2014

Hehe! First and the foremost, I need to apologize to the lady owner of Sa Rang Chae Korean Restaurant at Gottlieb Road, Penang. Sorry for the super late post! I was busying over my studies and now can only grasp some time to update my blog. This was happened in the early September right after my first day attended the new semester. Almost 3 months ago. Haha! To begin the story, on that day, we were having our long-awaited Tang Family Outing. After going crazy at 客家山寨, we were starving until could swallow a piglet! To prevent jamming in the middle of the road and also losing directions in the mall during public holiday, we decided to pay a visit to this Korean Restaurant. Me and my 2nd sis Karen used to dine at here quite frequently in the past as my tuition centre was just one block away. I crave for its Naeng Myun!
Let's start with the pictures!
 잘 먹겠습니다. Bon Appetit!
 Sa Rang Chae Jeongsik (RM 139)
This family set suits for 3 to 4 persons (depends on how flexible your stomach is) consisting a Spicy Seafood Stew, Grilled Fish, Pork Meat and Kimchi Pancake. There are dubu/tofu, octopus, fish, shrimps, scallops and various veges inside this stew. At the end 5 of us who shared this could not be able to finish it. Way too much!

 Hot Green Tea (RM 5) or Cold Green Tea (RM6)
If you are ordering BBQ, you better go with this. It cools you down and definitely dilutes the oil and calories. But women especially for those chinese, please don't over drink it. Just for the sake of your menstrual system.

 Bibim Naengmyeon (RM 24)
Buckwheat Noodle with Spicy Sauce.
This is what I always crave for. There's another type which is Mul Naengmyeon. But that type comes with an icy soup so I chose this instead. I think I tasted some pear slices in this dish which made me recalled of Rojak. Mix well and it definitely satisfies you in this 24/7 hot summer Penang.
 Yes, cell phones eat first! #asianbeingasian

 Dolsot Bibimbap (RM 22)
Rice with Meat and Vegetable in Hot Pot.
The uncooked egg dissolves in the rice which push this dish onto the next level. Some places serve it with fried eggs which I don't really like it as it's way too dry.

 Seaweed soup

 Me and my 3rd sis Christine! I do not see there's any similarity in between us in terms of facial appearance.
 Together with my bro!

 My 2nd sis Karen.
 Gwen and Karen

 These are all the side dishes. But, it can only be refilled for twice.

 Daddy Paul, Mummy Nancy and big sis Crystal.
 Kimchi Pancake- Crunchy on the outside. Nice. Add in more proteins would be nicer.

 Grilled Fish- It's a bit hard for me to bite but the lemon on top upgrades the taste of this fish. Hence, it's nice too.

 Pork Meat- Wow, my favourite! I don't know why, recently I just in love with the pork.

 언니, 죄송 합니다. Sorry for the late post haha! Behold, my hair was so long at that time! OMG!

 Thanks to the owner for this little gift to me!
Yeppi! What a nice meal! 

Details of 사랑채 Sa Rang Chae Korean Restaurant
Address: 11-G-1,1, Jalan Gottlieb, Asas Centre, 10350, Penang. (at the opposite of PCGHS)
Phone: 04-226 3587
Business Hour: 
Mon: 5.30pm-10pm
Tue to Sun: 11.30am-3.00pm and 5.30pm-10pm
(It's better to contact them to make sure they are operating)

See you next time, no, is next year 2015! Can't believe today is the last day of 2014! People ask me to write some resolutions but I think it's best to write it on my mind every single night instead of recalling it once in a blue moon. Anyways, Happy New Year! OMG CNY is coming too... I don't like CNY songs being played in mall.... haha

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  1. Looks delicious, Korean food my all time favorite

    1. Me too! But now I prefer KO.B.Q to this! Haha!


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