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OHMO it's Christmas month already! + Christmas Songs Recommendation 2014

by - December 08, 2014

I can't really believe that we are already in the December state. I can definitely smell the Christmas through the TV shows little X'mas icon on top corner, shopping malls and radio even from the Zumba class! Though it sounds weird to dance zumba with Mariah Carey's 'All I want for Christmas is you'! Haha! There's still a 'blank space' about how to celebrate this Chirstmas 2014. Erm, maybe go for buffet again like last year (no, I hate the aftermath...haha), sitting on couch doing nothing or maybe have a simple X'mas lunch with my love?! OMG! But, I need to actually focus more on finishing my tasks from Uni, one more assignment plus one more 'unnecessary' TITAS exam. I can't wait to be soaring after 22nd DEC 2014! Although still have one last sem to conquer next year! Alright, I'll recommend some X'mas songs for you guys:
  1. Mariah Carey- 'All I want for Christmas is you' (this is freaking awesome, I love it not bcoz of that zumba class kay!)
  2. Ariana Grande- 'Snow in California'
  3. Ariana Grande- 'Santa baby' (an old song but I just like Ari's voice)
  4. Ariana Grande- 'Love is Everything' (I don't know why I feel happy when listening to this)
  5. Kelly Clarkson- 'I'll be coming home for Christmas' (a ballad song)
  6. Kelly Clarkson- 'Underneath the Tree' (you can dance to this song after the X'mas buffet!)
  7. Kelly Clarkson- 'Wrapped in Red' 
  8. SM Town- 'Snow Dream' (a korean song) 
  9. Taylor Swift- 'Christmases when you were mine' (I really adore Taytay as she can even compose such amazing X'mas song!
  10. Typical X'mas music by unknown singers
 Hope that these songs could cheer you guys up especially for those who live far from their family!

Photo taken on last year Christmas. Was having a high-notch Christmas Buffet Lunch with loves!!! Ey, did I promise to blog about it last year, but it's already too long-overdue! Haha! Let's throw it into the sky!

Wonder Queen.

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