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November Updates! + songs recommendation

by - November 24, 2014

Dear moonbirds (How I call my readers, in case you are the first-time reader),

Hello everyone, how's going on? I'm fine! Today, I'm just gonna update about where am I located recently just to answer some of my readers' questions sent through the email. I'm still at the same spot. However, at the busiest period. Really sorry for ever rejecting the invitation or whatever events during this period. My assignments due dates are looming towards me which made me suffocated last week. Yet, I'm totally energized and revived right now. I won't blog anymore until the moment I can finally flicker. All of my Aussie friends are coming back one by one. I can't wait to enjoy my time with them. BUT, right now, all I'm gonna do is continuing procrastinating my blog progression. Maybe, I'll close it up someday as I'm honestly a really low-profile person. Really appreciating whoever reads my blog and sends email to me with much love. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Alright! Another question asked by my readers is 'Which songs are your bias recently?"! OMG! This is really hard to answer. I'm not very particular when it comes to music. I think music is a very special 'thing', maybe I should use another holier term to name it. I always muse about the music. Why all musics are different? Do you ever think of that? It sounds like magic! The Coldplay's 'magic' totally can describe how I feel about music. Haha! Here's my playlist of NOV:
  1. Paramore- Ain't it fun
  2. Taylor Swift- Blank Space (ps: especially the MV, I LOVE cra cra Tay!)
  3. Echosmith- Cool Kids (Me and my bro can dance to this song endlessly, we LOVE twerking)
  4. Song ji eun- 25 (Although I'm not 25 yet)
  5. TVXQ- Shine (kinda old song but it re-energises me)
  6. Sistar- I swear
  7. MJ feat. Justin Timberlake- Love never felt so good
  8. Jessie J feat. Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj- Bang Bang!
  9. Ariana Grande- Break Free
  10. Britney Spears- Overprotected 
Okay, let's stop here! Stay Tuned for more updates only after the day (15 DEC 2014)! Finger crossed tightly!
Photo taken last year while back in KOREA! Sorry for lying you guys about the KOREA updates! I'll try my best to update next time. Maybe a decade later haha

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