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Kim's Mart ❣ Korean Mini Market@ Tanjung Bungah, Penang.

by - November 08, 2015

Kim's Mart is a Korean Mini Market based in Penang. I always look for this kind of mini grocery stores like 24/7 coz me and my family are super indescribable infatuated with Korean stuffs. Not every of my family members but majorly. Then, I found this shop which sells extremely reasonable and affordable Korean stuffs! I think I should just let the pics speak for itself! Below is what we bought on that day which embodying of the World's spiciest noodle ranked at no.2, rice cake for Tteokbokki, 2 packs of cookies fritters with sweet caramelized wrapped at the outside and the yummy Honey Mustard. You can really save a lot buying at here coz I remembered that last time I went to Korea and bought the honey mustard at RM 6 something. To be more precise, if you add the air ticket price, it would be quite... haha so here, you can buy at a very reasonable price RM 8.90. Muahaha!
See! You can also find a lot of canned food without Halal logo which means they are based in pork!

You can even buy your own pot or better-known as stone bowl for your DIY bibimbap! The 2nd tier from bottom, you can find the traditional lunch boxes which are donned in gold. But we avoid buying it as we scare of the sound of opening the box and that kind of friction sound! So scary, by just telling you guys, I can feel my shoulders already shrugged unavoidably.

On the other side, you can find the BBQ stoves for your own kind of DIY ssamgyupsal! One of them is just priced at around RM98 something. We are planning to buy one.

If you go there, you should really try this out (3rd tier from the bottom). I think the ambassador is Cheon Song Yi (if you get what I meant- My Love from the star's lead actress) Jeon Ji Hyun. We drank it everyday right after opening our eyes (freaking exaggerating!). You just have to pour a bit of it from the bottle to a glass (it really depends on your personal liking), then add the cold or warm water. It's sourish and it helps to detox and I feel so great each time I drink it.

Korean brands of coffee. By experience, I can tell you Maxim is the most sought-after one in S.Korea back in the time I traveled there. But I still prefer the freshly blended coffee beans from cafes.

Okay the limelight is not the iron rice bowl nor the traditional spoon and chopsticks but the sanitary napkin! You can try it if you are girls but I haven't tried it myself haha!

Below is the receipt. I saw a lot of customers bought the honey chips which are really popular not long ago and the bultakbokkeummyun (if you get what I meant!) haha! I'm gonna unveil my shopping experience here. I went there after my GYM session with my hair disheveled in ponytail and in the situation of post-sweating. Haha! We were really amazed of how packed it was, packed with customers and also the Korean stuffs. Some other Korean grocery stores just sell a little bit of made-in-Korea stuffs and a lot of made-in-Malaysia stuffs which make me confused whether I'm at the Korean mini market. Some of the items do not have the price tag so I inched to the counter and ask the owner in Korean. He was quite surprised coz like finally he heard of something familiar haha! Then, he said something I could not help but just having the question marks over my head. I admit that my Korean level has been drowning to the basic level due to my hectic lifestyle. I do not really have much time to watch K-drama. How sad! When we walked to the back, there was another counter (more like a work room where they hand made the kimchi), I was being requested to ask for the price. Again, the ajusshi (uncle) was so excited and told me how many ringgits in Korean. I was like Ooo...Okay Noted. But hell no! My mind was being knotted. Haha! I was expecting he told me how many won and what I heard was ringgit haha! So out of tone! Haha!
Above is the 2nd world's spiciest noodle! I'll write the review on the next post!

Details of Kim's Mart- Korean Mini Market
Address: B-G-10, Jalan Desiran Tanjung Vantage, 10470 Penang. (Do you know Uncle Jang? It is right around there. Talking of Uncle Jang, I haven't tried it yet!)
Tel: 04-8902392 / 010-3925926
Business Hour: I don't know le! Haha! I forgot to ask! Coz we were too excited of what we had brought keke!

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