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Chinese New Year 2014 | Chor Yat 初一 (The 1st day of CNY)

by - February 04, 2014

Gong Hei Fatt Choi!!! Actually, I really have no idea today is Chor what. Just knowing that CNY always flies away swiftly. Been taking a real rest and spending quality time with my family during this Horsey CNY. CNY is a very delighting season to everyone, I suppose. But there's one thing I dislike about it, it's I am not granted to dig in my favourite old fashion oatmeal in the early morning. My 2nd sis narrated it was akin to the porridge which brings along the ominous meaning. I wanna cry each day in the CNY mornings! Coz, I didn't know what else could I eat. Okay, stop crying like a baby! I bet you guys have read my last post about the Chinese New Year 2014 | Reunion Dinner ! Today, I'm gonna update the pix taken on Chor Yat (the 1st day of CNY) which is always my favourite day of CNY. You know why? Not only because it is the most festive day throughout CNY but also a day where I can get my Angpau (red packet that wraps $$$ *Devil giggles*)! Alright! Let's scrolling downward!

As usual, my dad cooked for us. Here's the CNY set prepared by my cute cute daddy! No doubt, all of them are toothsome and fragrant! A cliche said the ways to a man's heart is through his stomach. But in my family, it is totally contra.
 Stir-fried vegetables with shrimps and black fungus 黑木耳虾仁炒菜
 甘蔗海参卤肉Sugar Cane Trepang Braised Pork Meat! Ohh! As you can see, there's yam too! Actually it was a leftover but this Chinese dish is very special as the longer you cook and keep overnight, the tastier it gets.
 Golden Pineapple shrimps with onion and green spices 黄金凤梨虾仁
 三菜一汤,典型的粗茶淡饭!3 dishes plus one soup, what a typical and genuine Chinese breakfast.
 Daddy was feeding mummy food! Just pretending... haha
 Naughty daddy drank his iced X.O. in the early morning!
 I asked them to pretend themselves as if they were actor and actress like Lin Bo 林波(my mum's idol, but I don't think her idol is better than my Taylor Swift loh!) Keke!
 After my 2nd sis woke up at approximately 3pm, it's the most awaited moment! BaiNi aka greeting our parents and get what we long for! This year, my mum made it a special lucky draw. One of the Angpaus had extra $$$! I'm not gonna reveal the amount ya~! Haha! Guess who was the lucky girl?
 The left 2 girls grabbed theirs in the first second and I was the last one. See, what a nice younger sis I am! Muahaha! Christine was so excited which could be seen by her expression!
 Behold, Karen and Gwendolyn were peeping at my Angpau. And Christine was still not in the condition yet. Okay, I was not the luckiest girl but I feel I am lucky to have lived in this precious family. Okay Karen was the luckiest girl on that day! Psychologically imbalanced!
 Selca times!
 Doing same pose and kissy expression!
 Hi! Because I'm a miss-si Korea! Lee Hyori's fans here!
 I like this so much! My dad was so cute as he intentionally stood behind her.
 Still left not more than 2 months time for me to act cute aegyo! The most ghastly fact!
 Enjoying dinner before heading off to Jackson (my brother from another mum)'s house.
 Selca again!
 Do you know why they closed their mouth while taking pics? Coz, inside was a mouthful of food!!! Gluttons! Except my Gor! Haha! Coz he usually eats it without munching it in his mouth. He swallows it directly. Sounds even worse right? Muahaha!
 After visiting Aunty and got an angpau from her ^^ Yeppi, we're searching for desserts. We went to the heritage area and none of them operating except China House. And at the end we decided to get our sweet tooth at the most quality-oriented Secret Recipe!
 After dining, taking pix outside.
 E-gate was crowded especially Papparich.
 Park ha and Wang Se jja?? 朴荷与王世子??
Top: from Korea Gang-nam street
Trouser: Nichii
Bag: Forever 21
Shoes: From Taipei down street
 OOTD of Christine
Top: from Gang-nam street
Bag: from Gang-nam street
Trouser: Forever 21
Shoes: I don't know muahaha!

SWAG! Yes, there were people looking at us thought that we were acting or something! Muahaha! We've got nerve and little else!
Yupe! That's all for today! Stay tuned for more CNY updates! Thanks for reading! Happy CNY!

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