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Pit Stop Cafe @ Lorong Chulia, Georgetown, Penang.

by - February 09, 2014

Today's topic is Pit Stop Cafe which is located at Lorong Chulia of Georgetown in Penang. Its grand opening was on 19th Oct 2013. Hence, it still can be considered as a new cafe for me.

       In these few days, I've been ignoring my blog. But my blog view rate grows recently. I was kinda shock about it! Wow! Impressive! The underlying reason for me to have a hiatus in blogging is CNY. You know, CNY is the most enjoying period for most of us, I suppose. We can go to sleep when the cock crows and wake up super "early" in the afternoon. But, I am an exception as no matter how late I sleep, I'll be awaken before 7am. It's my habit to wake up early in the morning. Helpless! Muahaha! In this week, I was hanging out with my friends freaking frequently. For sure, there was a few days for me to take a deep rest to stay at home, doing nothing but just REST. Or else, I'm gonna collapse in. Alright, let's start pic-telling session!

"Cafe, Recharge and Relax"
by PIT STOP no. 12 

        As expected, I was the last one to arrive at Qiong's house. Eyyy! I wasn't the only one as Ejoo was late as well! Muahaha! After a little chat in Qiong's house, we headed to Pit Stop for our brunch. And, I was one of the driver of the day. The traffic was jam until I hardly can breathe as it was still CNY. Really hate the congestion. After reaching the heart of Georgetown, okay, what I can say is JAM-ing! It was like more JAM! The next issue encountered was searching an empty parking lot nearby. I think it took us almost half an hour for this empty parking lot. Fortunately, we found one beside the GuanYimTeng 观音亭. Yet unfortunately was an Indian pretending to be a kind-hearted guy assisting us in parking. Actually, all he wanted was the money or so-called parking tips. I prepared to hand in RM 1 to him but Qiong asked us to pretend like we don't know about the rule of giving the tip. Qiong still the same, BRAVE! Muahaha! I was like freaked out and anxious whether my car would be scratched by that Indian. Luckily, nothing had happened to my car! Just a few seconds, we reached the Pit Stop. I saw a lot of people standing outside and waiting for empty places to dine in. I glimpsed in from the outside to look for Meg, HaeB and Hajiwon. The moment we walking in with the avid eyes of people queuing up on us was like, yupe, uhhhuh we're the VVIP! Muahaha! So, I suggest to not go to this cafe during the peek hour aka lunch hour. We were really akin to VVIP as we'd got the largest table in this cafe and we sat right beside the cooking area.

 Me and HaeB! I really like the garden feel background. Plus, the fake grass and leaves are not very thorny but rather soft.

Ejoo and Qiong. It can be seen in obvious that the owner was literally put a lot of effort into the interior decorating and wall-paintings. Retro and evocative are the routes of style they go for.

 Ha Jiwon and Megan. The tall girls in our Siao Kia Group! Why so tall?! When they stand together, all I can see is a Twin Tower! Muahaha! Exaggeration. The wall-painting at the back narrates the memory with our high school mates. The decoration on wall throws the classroom aura. Quite a felicitous place for gathering with oldmates.

Banana Yogurt (RM9) and Mixed Fruit Yogurt (RM9) at the back. I cannot comment on this as I didn't drink it. If you are my loyal viewers, you'll know the reason. haha! But, the Siao Kias who drank this were really satisfied with as the best remedy for the scorching weather is smoothie!!!
Ejoo with her mixed fruit yogurt.

Qiong with her banana yogurt! 

You may enjoy a short glass of Orange juice when you add on RM 2.90 into your breakfast set. I didn't drink this as well but I don't think it's worthwhile. For me it's quite expensive to spend nearly RM3 for a small glass of orange juice.

Macha Latte (RM9) Whenever you see a cup of macha-oriented drinks, it is always ordered by Megan. A cute Snoopy on top. I didn't have a try of this drink. But Meg said it was nice.

Megan with her snoopy Macha Latte! She is a fan of Macha, she even falls in love with the nature colour, GREEN!

Ha Jiwon with her Stitch Cappuccino (RM8). She said it was bitter. But all the Cappuccino is tasted a bit bitter right? haha! The cute coffee art was making us girls couldn't take off our eyes on it. If compared to its competitor nearby, 55 cafe penang their cappuccino is rather affordable. Nevertheless, the 3D art at 55 cafe is more exquisite and captivating. 

Spaghetti Bolognese (RM12) The spaghetti is well-cooked, not too springy and not too mushy. As for the bolognese sauce, it's quite subjective and fairly common sauce for spaghetti. I think this was just nice, not too flavoursome. It didn't impress me a lot with a pleasant surprise. The taste was predictable. Tend to be a homecooked dish. The meat was cut fine yet not super soft and juicy. I couldn't find much fresh herbs sprinkled on top which deducted some marks for the aroma. And the sauce wasn't that thickish as to my liking.

Spaghetti Carbonara (RM15)   For me, this was just good. The decoration of this dish was not so appealing. All I can say is I prefer 55 cafe's one to this. 

The portion was kinda small. But still good lah can cut down some calories! Muahaha! #thinkpositive

Breakfast set namely Mushy Mushy (RM10). They serve all day breakfast from 9am to 6am. First off, until now I still don't know how to pronounce it, mushi-mushi or mashi-mashi??? Obviously, just a very typical breakfast. A piece of wholewheat bread, hashbrown, side greens and the special thing of this set, the mushrooms omelet. Not very special. To be more strictly, the omelet didn't have much taste, neither the aroma of milk nor the mushrooms. But overall, it was considered a quite affordable breakie!

Berry Banana Pancake (RM10)  I saw a lot of people ordered this pancake so ... ... Muahaha! It tastes nice but not too impressive. After a few bite, I found it was too sweet!

Qiong's sexy side! She was helping us to ask for extra plates for sharing the food. And the kind and good attitude waiter gave us what we wanted!

The nostalgic interior decoration. Meg was thinking of her boy! Muahaha! Just guessing!
We even had a little wrist-strength battle with Qiong! I was being KO!

Taken by the chef haha as the waiter went to toilet. Ya not to forget, their toilet was very special and clean which add up some marks to this cafe. 

Meg and I!

Ejoo and Hajiwon!


Qiong and HaeB!

Imitating the girl on the wall!

Crazy girls~~! This cafe really has many corner for us to take quality photos!

Meg and Ejoo presenting the quote! People who LOVE to eat but not gaining any pound are only the BEST people for me haha!

Story ends here! I'm gonna update about the #SWAG in my next post! BYE and GOOD LUCK!

Details of Pit Stop Cafe
Address: 12, Lorong Chulia, 10200 Georgetown, Penang. (If you see RotiBean or 55 cafe right in front of you, then you are near to the destination!)
Business Hours: 9am to 6pm everyday!!!
Contact Number: 604- 261 1306
Facebook: PIT STOP no. 12

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