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Megan's 21st Birthday Celebration | Part 1 (The House of Udang Galah - HUG)

by - February 27, 2014

YoYo check it out! Finally, I've got some leisure time sit in front of my laptop and edit these photos for hours! This is gonna be a post which full of pictures with a few sentences of words. Here's got almost 50 pieces of pics, I don't know whether you guys can be able to view unless you own a good Wi-Fi! 

Apparently, this is a post about Megan's 21st birthday celebration which held at HUG-House of Udang Galah. Hence, you won't see me much in this update. Let's get started!
 So sorry that I was late on that day. They were so nice as they kept a plate of food for me. They looked great and delicious, however, I couldn't manage to finish all but just have a few bites. I'm not anorexia, just I had already enjoyed my dinner at home.
 By eating a few bites, I think the food was tasty but I found hair in the dessert. Sounds creepy! What even creepier was I had already consumed half bowl of the dessert only seeing the existence of the hair! Blek! What a lucky day! I supposed! Muahaha!
 Sorry! I knew that you wasn't ready yet!

 Sub-group from Siao Kia Group!
 What a nice expression threw by Meg!

Megan with her family!
 What was Lucas doing?
 Megan's mummy seemed to be a bit shy! Haha!
 Her ah gong and ah ma!
 Professional photographer's assistant of the day.
 Selca is a must for girls!
 So, I think this pose was the pose of the day! Keke!

The climax of the day was her birthday cake from Jenny's!
 Busying... Can you see the toilet on the left? They were busying too for taking selcas! Haha!
 Couldn't believe that Megan is now officially a 21-year-old lady Gan!
 Seems like she had a press conference and surrounded by paparazzi.
 Ah ma and ah gong and ah ma and ah gong?!
 Kiddy time!
 I should wear high heels on that day!!! Muahaha!
 What's happening? The girl at the back was curious too!
 Make a wish! I wish I have another 100 wishes! Muahaha!

Newbie on my blog!
 She's Khoo Hui Ying aka female Gary Chaw coz they look alike! Haha!
 Colleen who is a Korean-addict, I suppose! Am I right?
 Cheon seon yi? No, she's not, I'm just kidding! But her behaviour and attitude are like Cheon Seon Yi. Very full of confidence! Haha! She is Sin Yee aka Angelina Jolie. Behold at her lips and you'll know why!

Finally! Here's part 1! I'm gonna update part 2 soon! Bye and have a nice day!

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