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Impermanent goodbye to Zi Qiong!

by - February 20, 2014

Hello and Bello guys! I know it's been a long time. Haha! No choice, I just started my new semester. Still have so many things to blog! Alright, today's topic is about a skinny girl yet very powerful female hercules, Zi Qiong from Siao Kia Group. She's now in Australia. For her safety, I'll retain her exact position.

Yes, this is her! Does she resemble to Apink's member Namjoo if I'm not mistaken?

These are the goodbye gift given by others and as for the Muffins which wrapped in the transparent plastic bag are given by Megan aka MCPW.

Qiong and Meg! Kisses from these two beautiful young lady!

Qiong and Ejoo! Ejoo, why your expressions still the same?? Muahaha!

Qiong with another pretty girl named Lei Kuan! I've heard that she is going back to Australia too on today. So, Bon voyage!

Kar Teng aka Family with Qiong!

Okay, she was the one who requested me to pose like Tyra Banks with her! Muahaha!

Yep! Kept on striking poses like nobody's looking at us! Actually, there were people stopped by with luggage in hands just for looking at us and giggling.

Okay, not Top Models anymore! Time for us posing like Korean!

Don't cry Qiong! I was quite impressed that she didn't cry on that day. Maybe, she cried like a baby onboard.

Alright! Time for some selcas!!! By our pro Qiong!
Me holding the cam!
I am freaking in LOVE with this pic as Qiong's face was finally bigger than in actuality!!! Can you spot that I was pinching her finger tip? My sis asked me whether I was helping her to drag out  the ghost inside her body! Chinese way to kick the ghost out of body. Actually I wanted to prevent her to cover her face up! Keke! *Devil giggles*

 Meg tried to take selcas too! 

So far so GOOD!

Very GOOD!

Another shot!

Was helping her to take pics with her family! Wishing you all the best in your Aussie life!

Lovely chocolate brownies given by Qiong! One for me and another one in my 2nd sis's tummy! I wonder why was she still having the mood in baking!

I couldn't wait to taste it! It has moderate sweetness. And I could taste Qiong's tears in it! Just kidding!

I'll try my best to blog in the busy future! Stay tuned for HaeB's departure, Vday, beauty review, food review and more! Thanks for viewing and ANNYEONG!

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