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Toys Cafe @ Bishop Street, Penang.

Toys Cafe is a cafe which filled with various types of Toys where you can get this idea from just hearing its name. This place is suitable for friends gathering but not more than 7 heads as this cafe is a bit small.
           First off, I need to compliment the owner and the waiters as they offer us a super good services. If you are that kind of person who always hesitates what to order, this cafe is definitely your next station to sit down and gather with your friends or love ones. The owner made recommendations to us with his kind attitude. A good point. Next, the toilet is clean but it's an old-style squatting pan. So, it would be a bit inconvenient for senior citizens or me too! I'm not get used to it! But still managed to use it safely, thanks GOD!
             I went there with my high schoolmates from UHS. All of us were from the class of 5P5. Made visit to this cafe was actually my idea. I was thinking that gathering with high school friends is a youth-seeking event, so, this cafe probably would be the best in making us feel younger and more energetic. Am I right?! Let's get started!
  Coffee Walnut Crepe Cake (RM10.90)
 To be honest, I'm not a crepe cake fan. But one of my friends couldn't keep her eyes off this crepe cake, so, we ended up order this one. The outer appearance is fascinating especially for the caramelized topping. If you eat the topping together with the crepe cake, you probably wouldn't taste any coffee flavor as the caramelized chopped walnuts won the war. It is a bit over-exuding. Hence, I prefer to eat them separately in order to taste both part of this dessert. As for the crepe cake, it is in a moderate sweetness with creamy and soft texture. The smattering touch-up on the plate definitely adds some extra flavor to this dish indirectly. Overall, this is okay for me.


 Gladys Ooi aka AEO which stands for Alien Elise Ooi (her former nickname was Elise and she changed it quite frequently). She's very ladylike and fair in skin tone.
 Cara Tan aka Lay Lay (taken from her whole name). A girl with master brain and can't-gain-any-weight body. She complained that this crepe cake was too hard to cut off.
 Okay! This is ME!
And if you are my readers, you will know who she is! She is Ejoo, she came late on that day. But it's okay!

Pandan Layer Cake (RM7.90)
I don't know why but I have this habit of reading others' blog of that particular shop which I'll visit beforehand. And surprisingly, many people claimed that this is the yummiest cake of this shop. It ignited the curiosity of my heart and I ended up order this normal-look dessert. Cara was being so judgmental about me ordering this cake as we can get it from pasar malam. Nevertheless, I still ordered it. Muahaha! Don't judge a cake by its appearance! By glimpsing at it, you can see 3 different layers combined together. The top layer is agar-agar with great gelatinous texture. Another layer which is light in green colour akin to agar-agar but it's softer than the top layer. The chiffon cake is fluffy and moisture and not airy. Overall, I think this is better than what we buy from pasar malam and it's in moderate sweetness. Great yet not so surprisingly heaven-like. 
 Nobody wanted to take pics with this green little thing so ...
 Looked like the alien behind us wanted to have a few bites too!

Coffee time! For a typical girl like me, these coffee arts are literally what make my day. It depends on the barista's mood, if he or she feels cute on that day, you'll get a Hello Kitty! Just guessing! Muahaha! Beside the coffee was a little squared cake. According to KenHuntsFood, this is the Japanese Cheese cake. But I couldn't taste any cheesy flavor. It tasted like a normal butter cake with airy texture and a bit dry. But still, it is a good complimentary to my coffee.

 Hazelnut Latte (RM9.90)
A Hello Kitty Meow!
I think she was OS-ing why not Conan on top of my coffee?? She said it tasted okay.
Caramel Latte (RM9.90)
I really have no idea on what this called. A rabbit??
 Siblings. As Gladys looked resembled to this rabbit! Haha!
 Cappuccino (RM8.90)
A Shin-Chan for me. This resembled to me coz sometimes I fail drawing my brows and it looks exactly the same with Shin-Chan! Muahaha! But I still prefer to have Cherry Little Wad (Ying Tao Xiao Wan Zi)! Muahaha!
 A selca with my bro!

 This is the wall behind the bar. You need to order and pay at the counter on the spot. More convenient to the staffs.
 I called this cake-shelves! From British Cheese Cake to French crepe cake to Malaysian Pandan cake, they serve a border-less desserts.

Come! Let's see some pics!
 Selca! And the Dragon Ball man was angry at me as he managed to fit his 3/4 face in my selca! Muahaha!
 One of the special spots in this cafe is the 3D dolls on wall. This is the SpiderMan! Hey Gladys, why did you snick pinch his fingertip??
 A million thanks to the waiter who helped us to take these photos! If you are a toys-lover, you should come here! You can have an afternoon tea with all Heroes and Heroins!
 OMO! Who is this??
 I called her Iron Girl!
 The boss lent us the mask of Iron Man. I think it's because Gladys cuteness gave us the opportunity to get cosplay. Muahaha!
 Sorry Gladys, I blocked you! Keke!
 Yupe Successful!
 Colourful wall art is available in this cafe too!
 Spot the guy behind them? That's the nice waiter who helped us in taking pics!
 This is the slide door. Toilet is behind this door! Which is also behind the Iron Man!
 TQ to one of the customers who helped us taking pics!
 Our receipt of the day. No services or government charges! GOOD!

Details of Toys Cafe @ Bishop Street, Penang.
Address: 67, Lebuh Bishop, 10200, Georgetown, Penang. (Nearby the Leaf.)
Operating Hours: 11am to 10pm on everyday!
Tel: 012- 424 6426
Email: toyscafe.pg@gmail.com
Facebook Page: Toys Cafe!


如果你还没有Airbnb的帐号,可以用我的专用链接🔗 (www.airbnb.com/c/wonderq2),那你就可以即刻索取RM105,这回馈可以用于预订Airbnb的房间。

For the first time user, u may use my Airbnb link (www.airbnb.com/c/wonderq2)and get RM105 credit for your next trip!

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