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Megan's 21st Birthday Celebration | Part 2 (The House of Udang Galah - HUG)

by - March 06, 2014

I'm back! Okay no need any introduction, just open your eyes widely for these photos taken at The House of Udang Galah -HUG!

 Megan's cute sister, Tessa! With the tiny reddish branded bag!

Still selca-ing!

 I asked them to pose sexily... Haha!
Female Gary's expression so adorable!
We're 2ne1! Oopsy is 1ne2!

Whose naughty hand was that!
Sorry Meg, just captured your 3/5 face! Muahaha!

Okay, take a deep breath before scrolling downward! My pretty model aka Cheon Seong Yi! Don't get nose-bleeding ya~!

Selca with Brad Pitt's housewife, Angelina Jolie!

Selca with Meg's little sister, and, Meg was asking her mum why I ended up taking photos with Tessa but not her! Muahaha!
Chill lah~! Sis! I took selca with your bro too! The future magician!
Okay it's time to selca together with Megan!
Oh! Should I tag your dad? Haha!

Can you spot me? No, I was actually answering a phone call at that moment. And here to mention, Hey what was Cheon Seong Yi doing? So funny one!

Megan's photos taken by pro-t2sm! Muahaha!
Hope you like it!

Suddenly, the waiter asked me to take photos with this signboard. So, this happened...haha Introducing the House of Udang Galah to you!

Okay, THE END! Don't ever anticipate for part 3 ya~! Haha! BYE!

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