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The Alley, 5 Stewart Lane, Penang.

by - March 12, 2014

The Alley at 5 Stewart Lane is located in the heart of heritage site of Georgetown, Penang. 
"A small coffee spot for coffee lovers like you. And yeah, our churros and cheesecakes are awesome too!"
by The Alley.
I went to this as small as a sparrow, but has a complete set of vital organs cafe in about 2 months ago. A deeply apology to Ally as I only manage to upload your 21st Big Birthday Surprise photos now. Haha! Just in case you don't know how to head to this cafe, below is the cute and adorable draft taken from The Alley's Facebook! I think without any written direction, this picture is enough for your information to seek of this cafe.
Sources: The Alley's Facebook Page

On that day, I planned to throw a surprise to Ally in celebration of her turning-into-adult 21st birthday. Kelly and me arrived there about half an hour earlier. But our heroine of the day was late, was like late for more than an hour! She was supposed to step in at 12.30pm but she came here with slow-motion after 1.30pm. Haha! Hence, me and Kelly were too bored at that time and taking lots of photos here.
She is Kelly Ng. My bestie from college. Though she discontinues the Degree and now I feel weird studying without you! Muahaha! Syiok kah sis?
As you can see, they provide a wide range of hand-held boards with different words on it for customers to take pictures. This is a MUST while spending time at this cafe.
Kelly, why are you so in love with this modernized noun? In actuality, you are very slim okay?! HAHA!

Selcas with Kelly while waiting for the Ally who had missed the boat!

Kelly's favourite closed-eyes expression.
Finally our long-awaited birthday girl appeared in front of us! Here to thank the staffs from The Alley as they showed us a sincere of cooperation in helping us to prepare for this surprise. Kamsahamnida! I know Ally is that type of girl who eats a lot without gaining a pound, thereupon, I bought her food as her present! This was one of her bday gift from me!
Talking about the cake, I'd forgotten its name (as this cafe often changes their cakes offering with lots of name such as Forever Alone, Lovey Dovey and etc). I think if not mistaken, it was called as the Incredible Hulk (do correct me if I'm wrong haha). Actually behind this especial name, it was green tea cheese cake (RM10). The staff told me they serve 2 kinds of cakes each day with a constant one which is lemon cheese cake if my memory hasn't been faded away. I think this cake was very simple yet ambrosial creamy cheese cake with the addition of green tea flavour which chucks out the oriental feel. The most noteworthy part is the lower level which is the biscuit shards. It tastes palatable and the texture prone to be a bit sandy yet nice to munch. Quite tricky!
The unwonted edible-script which written in use of Caramel. Nicely presented!

Finally we got to meet up!

Here's another one, Churros RM6/RM9. This is quite a new tongue experience for Penangites. I think The Alley is the pioneer of this Churros market. Maybe before its existence, there are few spot serve this but I've never heard before. I think ones can find this only at those luxurious hotels. Spain sees Churro as donut. It is deep-fried sweet dessert with crunchiness. Bite it and you'll find a slight softness inside these tiny cylinders. I personally think it's nice but I just eat a few bite as it's being FRIED! Muahaha! Supposed you grasp what I meant. You can choose the flavor of dips, we chose the Nutella! 

Our Kelly was posing in front of camera!

So, here's another one namely Cronut (RM 8). It's a hybrid of croissant and doughnut. Same here, you may choose your own topping and we chose the salted caramel. They come with decoration on top and beside the cronut including the choco powder, walnuts and few other items that I am unfamiliar with. I think it's delicate confection with flaky texture. Very special to me yet after indulging for a few bites, I found a bit of dizzy within the overdosed. Since it's also a FRIED thing so I prefer the cakes! Still tasty but can't gobble it. 

The lighting of the bar is bewitching and dazzling! The menu is very simple as you can read it all on the board.

Present for Ally aka Ah Peng from Kelly.

That's all for today BYE!
Details of the Alley, 5 Stewart Lane:
Address: 5, Steward Lane 10200 Georgetown, Penang.
Contact number: 04-261 3879
Business Hour: 12pm to 12am everyday (you might have to check their FB page as they sometime might have impromptu break day.)
Facebook Page: The Alley

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