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BIBIS Fashion & Café @ Pulau Tikus, Penang.

by - March 20, 2014

BIBIS Fashion & Café is located at Jalan Kelawei in Pulau Tikus. It's actually very easy to notice, just at the opposite of the Paragon Mall. I went there about 2 months ago. Still remember at that time was around the period of CNY. I know I'm a bit of sluggish in blogging even haven't actually finished the Taiwan and Korea travel posts! Sorry readers but I just can't hold my promise latterly. You know, UNI's stuff. Muahaha!

"A fashionable café with an in-house bakery. The café uses 100% Arabica coffee bean for its aromatic coffee, and serves rustic bread freshly baked daily."
by BIBIS Fashion & Cafe.
 This is the menu, simple and nice. Here's some snapshot of their menu. They serve diversity range of nourishment, from Westernized to Asian goodies. And I'd heard others saying that their signature "Jawa Mee" or "Lam Mee" (not sure which one) is very delicious. Though, it just available on Wed if I'm not mistaken. Well, this time, I did not have such opportunities to try out their Asian cuisine but just some home-cooked Westernized food.

 The interior design is focusing on evocative retro theme. Regardless of the blackish wall, the lighting and Audrey Hepburn's photos definitely drawing us away. Kinda feel like sexy and elegant at the same time. Great ambience indeed!

 Just a refreshing Apple juice. It's fresh-blended, not that kind of zero-nutritious boxed juice. I forgot how much is this but definitely reasonable in price.

 Tomatoes Soup (RM 9.90). Quite big in serving portion. I can taste the sourish yet sweet tomatoes aroma. It's not bland at all. Plus, it's not so watery that you can even train your bite muscle.

Burger with Pork Patty and Poached Egg or so-called BIBIS Burger (RM 14.90). In photo, you might think that this is so small in size but it's big virtually. The upper and lower covers of this burger are their English Muffin (which I think is home-made one), they are rough in texture yet keep the moist at some point. Giving it a bite, you'll feel its sponginess bouncing within your mouth. The pork bulk is a teeny bit of colourless inside. Don't judge it by a glimpse. It's exuding the fantastic mixed redolence between onion and the pork. I like it very much. One weakness, the owner is too generous in saucing which leads to overdosing in mustard and other sauces.

 French Village Baguette with Salmon and Greens or so-called French Cafe (RM 14.90). The smoked salmon is so copacetic suited with the baguette. Crispy Crust on the outside. Although it's a bit hard to bite but uniqueness has it. Same weakness found at here, the sauces for both are the same kind and same amount which make our tongues feel a dash of pungent. It'd be great if they try to come out a new series of saucing. Overall, the bread and main ingredients are all intoxicated. Just the SAUCE.

 Now you see how BIG it is.
 I couldn't finish it since I'd have my lunch at 1pm and this was at 3pm. They helped me to wrapped it nicely into the recyclable paper bag. Here to mention, the waitresses are all so courteous and humble. I super like their hospitality!

 You can purchase their packed bread loafs too! I think the price is quite affordable.

This is the prove that you can still see the CNY decoration hanging outside.

So Goodbye everyone! Thanks to my viewers! Especially those from overseas like Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Kamsahamnida. Sometimes, I just curious how did you guys find my blog. Haha but that's not important at all. Good Luck!

Details of BIBIS Fashion & Café:
Business Hours: Mon, Wed - Sun: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm (Closed on TUE)
Address: 87-D, Jalan Kelawai, 10250, Pulau Pinang, 10250 Pulau Tikus, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia. (Opposite of Gurney Paragon.
Tel: 04-227 0108

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