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Secret Garden 秘密花园 @ Lovely Lace, Gurney Plaza.

by - February 25, 2016

{Secret Garden 秘密花园 @ Lovely Lace, Gurney Plaza} Yo! I'm back! Too much things to update! Back to this topic, when I saw the set of photos, 'Secret Garden' - this term had literally flown into my mind. Have you guys watched the Korean Drama named 'Secret Garden'? It's really nice to watch as it's a comedy plus the core actor and actress are awesome in acting! Even the minor starlets are all GOOD in acting! Still remember on my last post on Italiannies? Right after the late and full lunch, HaeB bade Adieu to us. We straight away walked to Gurney Plaza with the mission to see Wendy. Took a few pics at the entrance where the photo booth and beautiful embellishment were stuck. At that time, there were CNY cookies stalls nearby. And we followed Ejoo to try those high-calories cookies. Haha! Finally, we walked to the Lovely Lace which is also Wendy's likely 2nd home. Just scroll downwards and enjoy our pics, I hope you enjoy haha!

All photos were taken by my 2nd sis and she has an illness of shaky hands like chickens' feet! Hence, sorry for its blurriness!
Hey Qiong, how are you?!

Me and Qiong: Can we stop now?!

Qiong, why are you so fierce aka garang?! Is it because you saw YoSeob? haha!

Pattern More than badminton!

EJoo, why are you kowtowing?!

The vase is too heavy for Qiong! This statement could be hardly believed!

Hey the girl at the back! We just had our CNY, and 7th month is still a long way to go!

Sorry! I need to take a selfie with the flowers! Could not resist!

Alright! It's time to say BYE! See you all next time!

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