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A Rush Hour for Lunch || 三只猫去三脚猫 3 Leg Cat Cafe

by - February 02, 2016

{A Rush Hour for Lunch || 三只猫去三脚猫 3 Leg Cat Cafe} Alright, just about a while ago, I blogged about this cafe right? And I went there again! But with different people and feeling. This time the feeling is pretty ragged and rush. This was happened on last week (the moment I post this would be 3 three weeks later than the exact day). Recently, the HQ is putting their eyes on us heavier. Thus, I need to make sure to come back on time within 1 hour to which I call it as 'A Rush Hour for LUNCH'. It sounds like a title for a movie to me. Haha!
My first visit: CLICK HERE!

Normally, I bring my own bento to office and have it there. But on that day, my dad did not cook so we have to either take-out or go out and eat. Still remembered watching K-drama 'Remember' (OMG super NICE!) in the living room with them, Christine suddenly asked dad whether he wants to have lunch with her. I said I wanted but then I mused for the night whether to join. Coz I was afraid I'd be late to punch in for lunch. But I decided to join them as this is some kind of rare outing for us. Plus, we'd committed to one another to have fancy lunch once two weeks. I asked my dad to fetch sis first then only me coz I wanted to save my time for lunch. Unfortunately, it was Friday and at the freaking congested lunch hour. So... I was like barely could breathe in.
三只猫去三脚猫(3 kittens go 3 Leg Cat) - I don't know why we went there for lunch but it was certainly my sis's idea. She said she longed for its baked egg. No doubt, that is pretty GOOD! We treated dad for this lunch. I felt really delighted that I am finally the one who foots the bill. After arriving there from the congestion, we luckily got our parking lot. Headed to the counter and quickly made the order. This was perhaps my fastest time to make order. Keke! Coz the limited time-frame did push me to the next level.
 Shakshuka aka Baked Egg (RM13)
"Some bloggers said that this dish is not that tempting in flavor and the choices they made in using the bread. But I personally like the flavor of this, it has a teeny hint of spiciness and the tomato is just too fragrant! I had tried the baked egg from Haven Harbour and I think that this one is better than the Haven Harbour one. As for the bread, I do not really have much objections. First thing first, I like Masshimo (although I'm not sure whether they are using this brand). Secondly, they only price this at RM13, what more should you expect? I think this is good and I'll definitely order it again." - My comment of first visit. 
What I can say is they keep their quality and one thing to remark is the eggs! I think this time is better than the first one as the eggs are more runny! GOOD!
Ms Strawberry Chocolate Waffle (RM14)
Last time, I ordered that Caramelized Banana Waffle See the review HERE! and this time I ordered the strawberry one. Lately I think I found a better place that serves more delectable waffle which is Eataliano. But this one is also no bad, the crunch is there but then the flavor of the waffle can still be improved to the higher degree. I still think the Banana one would be better for my taste buds.
Oink Burger (RM18)
Coz my dad loves , so we ordered it for him. My sis even enunciated the 'oink' word and I was like I don't know you haha! She said, 'then we ordered one 'oink' burger for dad' in the public. The burger has nothing special at all to me. I think the flavor is similar to the roadside Malay stall burger. But I like the interplay between the sauce and the salad. Damn YUM! As for the fries, a bit greasy. We did not add on the RM2 bacon coz I'm always not a fan of it. Close case.
Hot Latte (RM9)
This is for daddy. He likes to drink hot beverages whenever dining at anywhere. First off, the graphic on top is so KAWAII-ne~! I tasted one mouthful and DAMN! It's GOOD! So rich of caffeine smell. I like it! And my dad was so atrocious that he sabotaged this bear bear in his first sip!
I still remembered vividly how I munched down in high speed just to make sure I could be able to get back on time. This resulted in digestion issue. I was so full to death in the office after engorging. Alright, see you guys next time!

I really hope that my workplace could be recovered like how it has been and how it supposed to be. Finger crossed!

Details of 3 Leg Cat Cafe 三脚猫
Address: The Golden Triangle, 29-1-62, Jalan Paya Terubong, Relau. Bayan Lepas, 11900 Penang, Malaysia.
Tel: 012-427 3021
Business Hour: CLOSED on MON!
TUE to THU from 11am til 11pm
FRI & SAT from 11am til 12am
SUN from 11am til 11pm

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