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Busy Payroll Day // Past Kpop Idol Memory of Princess Hour

by - February 01, 2016

{Busy Payroll Day // Past Kpop Idol Memory of Princess Hour} When the calendar is being crossed until almost half of it, it's my showtime. Actually, last week I had already drafted this post and it was more than 1000 words I reckon. But I don' know why my hardwork was being deleted the moment I wanted to press 'publish'. It upright infuriated me. But right now I think it's fine coz everything happens for a reason haha!
Taken on last week during my payroll days (I had just completed it but still left a few pending one). Each time when I am required to stare straightly to the PC for almost every second just for payroll, I wear like a Uni student. No makeup. When I say no makeup, it really means no makeup, not even a single drip of BB cream or CC cream. Coz I do not have the mood. I also wear specs to protect my eyes, to be precise, my corner. Initially when I first started working there, I used to force myself to wear specs, makeup and garb. But as time passes by.... haha! In a week time, it'd be CNY already and the latent truth is...

I haven't done my spring cleaning!!!
See what my 4th sis found from her desk. She used to love Kim Jung Hoon aka John-Hoon very deeply! You can find a heap of tiny pieces of Kim Jung Hoon's faces from magazines and even newspaper. She even forced me to watch the K-drama- 'Princess Hour' with her and I found the drama was full of starlets but a freaking boring! Especially for those ajumma aka mama to have their own conversation which would cost you for more than 10 mins each time. Hence, I was always the one who couldn't bear with it. Song Ji Hyo from Running Man was there as well! This is such a long long ago memory for us. Honestly, I don't even know how am I supposed to get started for spring cleaning. Such a BIG business for me! Alright! BYE! See you guys in the coming post! Or it'd be taking the cake (someone taught us a new idiom! Thank her of this!). Haha!

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