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Arang Cafe @ Bayan Lepas, Penang.

by - February 05, 2016

{Arang Cafe @ Bayan Lepas, Penang.} Alright! Maybe my coming cafe would be named after 'Orang Cafe' where you could come and feel like a 'human' again. I'm just kidding! Why did I say to feel like a 'human' again?! As I ferret out that many employers out there make their employees working like a machine instead of a 'human'. A 'human' should have one's own idea of weight on each and every topic and should have the right to say 'NO'. In the atrocious (a word taught by 'Rong Mo Mo' from Huan Zhu Ge Ge) actuality, there's still a lot of employers with that kind of dull and traditional 'Chinese' mindset. But what could we really do in facing these people? To stay positive and do not hate them. Just need to have neutral feelings towards them. They do not deserve any feeling from the real 'human beings'. Haha! 'When one door closes, another opens.' Aiya I think I over-wrote again! Better stop here and back to the topic.

 I always wanted to try this out as my 3rd sis told me the food there is GOOD and coffee is yummy as well. I went there with 2 of the Alazizi family. Why Alazizi? Coz me and Yan often talk about a youtuber under the channel of 'Alazizi Showtime'. We found this 'Alazizi' was freaking funny so.... Okay, here's the menu. The menu is very simple with just one page in BLACK and WHITE colour. Here's the tip, once you step into this cafe, you need to head to the counter and take this menu and pay the bill as soon as possible as it's self-service place. But they will still serve you the food to your table once it's ready.

Once you are settling down, the waiter will hand you this. Lemon Water!
 When we went there, it was quite crowded and Yan's initial choice of food - Fish and Chips had been sold out! Haha!
 'I don't give a SIP'! When you are infuriated and you wanna spit out 'I don't give a SH*T', you can use this as a replacement. Haha!

 Grilled Chicken & Cheese Sandwich [RM 17]
I was being indecisive between this and the Aglio Olio. After taking consideration of my teeth would become blackish after eating the squid-ink spaghetti, I decided to choose this. This literally lighted up my disconsolate day from work on that day! Haha! The wholemeal toast itself is crunchy but not dry. The flavor of this resembles to Hawaiian Pizza! The ingredient is tasty and especially the CHEESE is the focal point! I think that piece is bacon as I was too starving and I gorged it up without really stared on the inside. RECOMMENDED! The salad at the side carries a light savory smell. And the french fries is not greasy but crunchy. I share it with the others as I am not a fries fan....haha!  

 Vegetarian Aglio Olio [RM 20]
Yan's dish. I can't really comment on this as I just had one bite. But all I can say is, this is a bit salty to my liking. Haha!

She is Yan aka Alayanyan aka 紫薇格格!Remember to eat more ya during CNY! Gain back that pounds that you lost it recently haha! I'm also willing to give you some pounds from my body! haha!

BIG breakfast [RM 19]
Ordered by alabuji (a failed enunciation of Korean 'Halabeoji'). Visually, it's vividly yummy. But he did not finish it up! I could tell you what he left on the cutting board (or it's not?). He left one cheesy sausage (it's not being well-cooked), corn (I think it's like for the horse haha it's under-grilled), egg yolk (actually it's nothing to do with the egg but just he does not eat egg yolks haha). Alright, this is all I could remember. My 3rd sis had it before and she also said that this dish could be improved. 

Imma paparazzi! Alright! He's alabuji aka 凯文姐姐 (not sure how to write the exact one)。Why do we give him an epithet as jie jie (sister in Mandarin)? Coz he always overhears the topics me and Yan discuss in disguise. So, Yan said he wanted to join our 'Girls' Talk' and this was how it led to this name. Haha! BTW, Happy Birthday to you! And wishing you to be continuing your title as a 'M Star' of our company. Haha!

 So Alabuji ordered me to place my Oppo on the table and took this selfie above...Hhaha!

有了Oppo, 无烦恼!

Alright see you guys next time! Happy Chinese New Year in advance!!! Xing Nian Kwa Le! Opps! Sorry it supposed to be Xing Nian Kuai Le! My bad as recently a Chinese aunty greeted us 'Xing Nian Kwa Le' so I often mistake it. Haha!

Details of Arang Cafe
Address: 72-G, Persiaran Mahsuri 2, Bayan Lepas, 11960 Penang, Malaysia. (Nearby the Olive Tree Hotel. But if you ask me to further explain it, I can't as I do not know how to go there again... Haha)
Business Hour: Everyday except MON (10am to 11pm - latest one as previously just opened until 10pm)
Contact No.: Don't know haha its FB does not have it.

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