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How deep is your love for Japanese Food? Sushi King?

by - February 09, 2016

{How deep is your love for Japanese Food? Sushi King?} Alright, you do not really have to follow my blogposts penciled in here as right now, I can't really make it parallel with my reality. Really do admire those who could blog consistently like before the end of each day, they would at least blog a pic on their platforms. I'm not like that; not only don't I have the strength but also the quality is my priority when it comes to blogging. Yes, people do ask me why could I capture all those pretty and mesmerizing photos especially for food. But, the answer is downright simple here- passionate in editing every single pic. Below is a sneak peep of today's title.

Why did I label today's topic in this questionable way? Coz the story is like this...(ehem granny's story gotta start now). When I was young, I used to eat a lot of sushi from Sushi King. My eldest sis, Crystal is a sushi maniac. She could eat sushi 24-7. Still remembered the show from TVB Hong Kong- Super Trio 超級無敵獎門人 show was the one that made us drool at the late night. They had one game session which the losers have to eat the sushi with heaps of wasabi in wrapped. Hence, each time after watching the show, Crystal will make sure our supper next day would be sushi! Due to the void of choices in the past, so we only had Sushi King in our list with no strong competitor. When I grew up a bit (secondary school), Queensbay Mall had launched and it has the Sakae Sushi which triggered us to stick to it instead. I always chose the ramen soup over rice bowl. After my diet and previous over-indulgence in Japanese food, I don't really like it anymore. Alright, I admit it's something to do with Kpop which made me choose Korean food over Japanese food. But the thing had changed...
Getting bored while waiting for my food and so here to test my cam with selfies.

This was happened on 24 Jan 2016 which was also the Thaipusam (PH yeh!). I brought my laptop to Queensbay Mall for work originally. However, it ended in another way startlingly. I did not even turn on my laptop on that day. You can imagine I was like in a gym gripping the weights for 3-4 hours. Why did I choose to eat Sushi King? Coz my sis, Karen likes this. Hurl defiance turned into impressiveness. Here's the food pics which will make you suffocate!
 Salmon Belly rice- This is under the CNY promotion which is also Karen's FAV. Previously, they had this on the normal menu list but they decided to pull it out for quite a long time. Hence, when Karen saw this she was like 'Howler... howler....' (TaeTiSeo's song). I had a few bites and this is really toothsome! The salmon belly is cooked perfectly with crispy skin. Since it's belly part with fatty tissues, it does moisturize you somehow. The sauce on top is the BOOM!

This is the CNY bento which ordered by the others. I did not eat it. But the interesting part is it has the little corner for Lao Sang.

This is the sesame ramen. Freaking yummy! It relates me to the memories at Taiwan. This is a add-on item.

 Mine. White rice in beneath the chicken eggy pancake. The salty sauce matches pretty well with the ingredients and the plain rice. This is quite healthy though. At least it sounds like one.


After that, they went to watch the horror movie - 'Tag A-long' (super nice and you need to watch it!). Since I had watched it, so I decided to do a little pampering shopping. First destination always- Forever 21. OOTDs... Haha! Guess which one did I buy?

After 2 hours, they called me again so we were doing some comparison between my Oppo cam and the Casio ZrXXX. I still think that mine is more worthwhile.

My stomach started to growl again... Blueberries scone from The Coffee Bean is our all-time-fav.
Got photoboomed by the people at the back!

After that, we went to sing K again! To burn calories! I did not even turn on my laptop at the end of the day. Accomplishment failed but scrounged up the happiness. Alright, see you guys next time! Happy CNY Chor Yee! Chu 2!!! Yesterday I went to sing K again haha! The funny thing was when I sang Teresa Teng's songs and my mum urged my sis to turn off the vocal. And my sis said loudly that was my voice. Haha! Alright, I better stop now and resume back to my 'real' CNY celebration!

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