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Passion of Italiannies @ Gurney Paragon, Penang.

by - February 21, 2016

{Passion of Italiannies @ Gurney Paragon, Penang.} Alright! I know I had been MIA for such a long long time! The underlying reason behind this is the CNY period. Last week was the CNY occasion which made me super busy of running a lot of errands. I don't even remember what was actually happening on each and every day on this festive occasion. I am no longer writing my diary, maybe once in awhile when I have the kick on it. So, today's topic is an elephantine throwback to the time before CNY.

Our HaeB is finally back in town while our Lady Meg is still in her uphill battle in Sydney. We decided to have a quite offhand hang out before CNY. Extra members to the Siao Kia Group on that day were my 2nd sis and Lay Lay (丽丽). Our original plan was to have brunch at Basil Le Bistrot (CLICK HERE to see my review)! After I settled my unavoidable errand at PTPTN, I found out that this cafe was closed on that day. I informed them right away. Then, me and Qiong were like synced together and having the same snippet on minds - MIAM MIAM! Yes, I always have its toast on my mind!

Qiong, Hae B and Lay Lay were on the same vehicle while me and my sis were on another. Ejoo came by her own. So, me and my sis had already arrived Paragon Mall and I had to head to the loo first. After releasing my bladder, I received their call asking for my location. I told them I was ready to head to Miam Miam. Just acted as normal and had a little cray cray session with my sis. When I turned to the left to reach the escalator, I saw 3 of these dummies trailing me at the back. OMG! They even told me that they saw the unglamorous side of me. They still insisted not to tell me when exactly did they start to trail me. Alright! Just let it be haha! After eating our toast and souffle as desserts at Miam Miam, we were hesitating where to have our real salty lunch. Walked to Italiannies and read the menu with the waiter kept persuading us to go in. Then, headed to the opposite Plan B for its menu as well. Coz most of us had already tried Plan B, hence... When we walked towards Italiannies for the second time, the waiter yelped 'I knew you will come back'! After settling down with some bread loaf filling up our tummies, photo-time!!!
Blurred Ejoo!

Me (very geram)

Still the blurred Ejoo...

OMG Ejoo, you are still blurred! Haha!

Okay nice shot! Captain Hae B!

Lay Lay, is there anything that scaring you off?!

Woah! This one perfect as everyone is normal!

Qiong, what is it that bothering you?

I wanna scare Qiong! Hae B, your face! EPIC!

Hae B so hiao!

Okay okay! I bet it's enough for our photos right?! Now, let's drool! We ordered two set lunch and one a la carte lagsana. The set comes with salad/soup and drink. The salad is not bad. As for the pizza, I think it's not crunchy enough and the sauce is not tempting. The spaghetti (in this pic) is the softshell crab with beef bacon. Which means that I ate the food with beef? OMG! I did not notice it until Qiong told me so. Then, I was quite infuriated by their low degree of attentiveness and asked them how and why was it like this? After counter checking their order slip, they took it away from us and replaced it with a new one with chicken pieces. I think this dish is not that good (not because of the misplacement of order), it's too salty. Plan B's better! In a nutshell, the lagsana is the BEST of the day! Fulled of cheesy odor in a positive side. And it's really huge in portion! I think I shall stop my comments here!
So, Lay Lay asked them to pretend like they wanna eat it with some hand poses. Haha!

I nearly forgot about this! Our pre-lunch dessert at Miam Miam.
Me and Qiong had some quarrels on choosing these toast as she wanted the banana and I wanted the cream! So... I still prefer my choice of the one with cream on top. However, the toasts were not as crunchy as before. Me and my sis had the same comments and thoughts of not going there in a year haha! Besides, we also ordered the matcha souffle. I think I was the one who finished half of it. A bit too sweet to my liking.

Back to Italiannies, photos before munching!
Qiong's funny face!

After lunch, we went to see Wendy! Stay tuned for next update on it. Perhaps *smirking!

Details of Italiannies:
Address: Lot No. 1-31, Ground Floor, Gurney Paragon Mall, 163D-1-32, Persiaran Gurney, 10250 George Town, Penang. (Opposite to Miam Miam and next to Starbucks)
Tel: 04-228 9761
Business Hour: 11am til 11pm on EVERYDAY!
Official Website: (you may check out their menu here)

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