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Back from Taiwan 2014 | Instagram photos

by - April 06, 2014

Yo! I'm just back from Taiwan about 3 days ago I think, if I'm not mistaken. This was my 3rd time been there. It feels like Taiwan is my second home. When I stood on the Taoyuan Airport on the first day, I was like seeing and feeling everything there so familiar and homey. A pretty short yet long a week holiday for me. Now, I won't be so active like before I did on my blog as I am gonna be a nerdy staying at home and rushing all my heaping Twin-tower-esque assignment. Today, I'm showing you the photos taken back in Taiwan and were uploaded on my instagram: Click here if you want to follow me! [But I'm not so active on insta too muahaha]
pic 1: Me grabbing a cup of strawberry in a.m. alone but basically it was not alone, just when others still in their sweet dream in the 1st night in Taichung, Taiwan. The strawberry was very CHEAP in price and it ignited our little greedy monster to buy a stack of it. Ended up throwing some in the dustbin. What a waste! 
pic 2: Me with 2 of my non-identical sisters, just kidding, there aren't twins. They are just akin to each other. Taken when we finally set our footsteps in the new place to stay in Taipei, Taiwan. Another haunted place. Scary!!!
pic 3: Apparently, a big box of Sashimi with the low price at around RM40. WOW! Foodies around me ofcourse couldn't control themselves from buying this. I wondered why do their sashimi taste better than ours...
pic 4: 3 of us again posing in Ximending, Taipei in the night. Thanks my bestie bro, Jackson for the photo!
pic 5: Lunch time! Ordered a set of Hainan Chicken Rice. Taste so good!
pic 6: My not so filling am breakfast. I supposed it to be a healthy one. I ate about 3 to 4 of this on that day including the strawberry, peanuts, milky, chocolate, redbean as filling. Yum! I felt a bit closer to Doraemon! Muahaha
pic 7: Obviously the last pic of Taiwan. Me with 3rd sis posing in front of the Longshansi temple in Taipei while waiting 4th sis to finish her prayer. So cold at that time but in order to take pretty pic, I wore short pants that day. Muahaha! Fashion wins it!

This is all. I think I'll continue my blogging thingy after submitting my assignments. It means that after 9th of May! So BYE don't miss me too much!

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