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Chinese New Year 2014 | Reunion Dinner

by - January 31, 2014

Hello Bello! I've been disappearing on my blog lately. Where did I go? I am not sure too. I not even have any idea on today's date too. What I'm sure 100% is today is Chor Yat but I'm here blogging about Reunion Dinner aka Sa Chap Meh. Let's start viewing pics taken yesterday!
This is my masterpiece---> Wasabi Yogurt Shrimps Appetizer.
A closer look!
White Skin Chicken 白斩鸡 is a must! I think it was cooked by my dad but chopped by my mum. Haha!
This is the yummiest dish of the day. My dad's remarkable masterpiece--->甘蔗海参卤肉Sugar Cane Trepang Braised Pork Meat! It was so juicy and the meat was filled with aroma of the braise broth. 一个字,绝!!!I especially in love with the pork skin! It's good for our skin!
This was my 3rd sister, Christine's masterpiece---> Taiwanese style sesame salad 小幺鸡。This was the mixture of apple and cucumber slice plus chicken and broccoli sauced with sesame and Japanese vinegar. This was very yummy and refreshing and will surely help us to steer clear of constipation.
Braised eggs! 卤蛋!
蘑菇大白菜 Stir-fry mushroom with cabbage
A full view of our dishes for Reunion Dinner. You won't guess it right, how I captured this. I was standing on the chair and snapping it like a pro. Haha! Luckily, the chair was quite stable or else...
The bowl and table set from Korea! Feeling like a Korean! Muahaha! It tasted nicer when you have these!
My 2nd sis Karen with mummy!
Girls! Nah uh they are women! Haha! Hoho!
Apparently, we hadn't ready yet! So it means this was a #candidshot?? haha
Ready?! Smile!
My non-identical twin from different mom! Muahaha!
Christine's eyes told us that she was waiting her prince to join her! A black one! Keke!
See! I asked my dad to look at my camera but he was fascinated by the braised pork meat! So cute!!!
What is her expression?? Why so bitter?
My dad was our background!
Can't stop taking selca!
Eyyy! Was there a mouth behind us??? Creepyyyy!
Chris: Hilarious face, Karen: Kissy face, Me: Arrogant face (Sorry it's my symptom! jkjk!)
Below: My dad is so so funny here!
Finally her black prince arrived!
A kiss first!
I was the "PRO" photographer! Muahaha! Self-assured!
This is the ritual of Reunion Dinner! Yam SHENG!
Me with Karen! 不醉不归!
My masterpiece!!! Strawberry Oreo Parfait drizzled with honey!
MMM! YUMMY! So I need to tag #yummyinmytummy! Muahaha!
Looks so high-class!
Nah! Do you want some?! Sorry! SOLD OUT!
It looks good on top of Karen's head! Nice hat!
While forcing myself to awake the whole night! This is to pray for my parents' health! 守岁!
After consuming too much wine.... .... just kidding. I don't drink wine!
That's for today! Wishing you guys have a nice CNY! 恭喜发财,马送运来!红包拿来呀呀呀!!!

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  1. 看见你的profile发现你住BatuMaung,我男友也住那里!!!! 我想回去!! BTW,新年快乐!!! ♥♥


    1. 是吗?真巧哦!哈哈!也祝你马年行大运,大吉又大利!


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