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Namoo Korean Dessert Cafe and Bistro on The Park @ Gurney Plaza, Penang.

by - January 25, 2014

Hello Bello! Recently, I'd a double date with one of my besties at Namoo Korean Dessert Cafe and Bistro on The Park which is located at the Gurney Plaza in Penang.

Many people still haven't visited to this restaurant and don't know what Namoo actually means. Alright, based on my knowledge, Namoo means 나무 trees. But I can't relate to trees when I first stepped into this shop. Apparently, there has no trees inside; or maybe I put my attention into talking to Hae B and so I ignored their ambience. Haha! But it gave me a very comforting and cosy feel, a nice place for a loop of friends to catch up. A series of Korean pop songs were being played at a moderate volume. I'm literally dislike those restaurants which play a very loud music which halt down our talking session with friends. 
"We are the FIRST Korean dessert café in Malaysia serving genuine modern Korean food in bistro style by young and passionate Koreans. Namoo means 'tree' in korean, it brings us warm, comfortable and natural feeling. In the pasts, Korean dessert only served to the KING, but now Namoo is here to introduce you what is the korean dessert. Besides, Namoo will serve you the new trend of korean food by serving a genuine taste in modern style in a awesome ambiance with our modern interior design. Our mission is to change your impression of korean food." 
 by Namoo Korean Dessert Cafe n Bistro on the park.

So, let's get started for our picture-telling session.
 This is their transparent fridge shelves. Look at those cakes!!!

 Their tableware. I personally like the design of the knife, it's very modern and chic.

 This is the Hot Jujube Tea (RM 8.90) which ordered by Hae B. Our first thought was, "what is this?". Jujube makes me think of Chubi (Hokkien means cute) and I told her maybe it's a drink that can boost your level of cuteness. Haha! And she really ordered it. In actuality, Jujube is an English noun means red date (红枣). I didn't taste it so I can't comment on it. But, I personally suggest you girls to drink this as the Jujube is very beneficial to female. It can make your skin turns into pinkish baby skin.
 내 친한 친구. 그녀는 재미있는 사람이다. Don't understand? Google knows... haha!
 She is tasting her Jujube tea. This photo looks very ladylike.
 Our Ppang with red bean filling (RM10.90). I thought that it would be serving one fish to us but there were 2 fish!!! Cutie creature!
 What is Ppang? Based on my knowledge, I just know Ppang 빵 is bread. Haha! Last year when I went to Korea, I didn't try this kind of dessert before so I always wanted to try this. It takes them almost 15 mins to serve this, maybe the making-process is quite difficult.
 Me and our Ppang!
 Inside this Ppang is red bean filling. I can't really make comment on this as I was sick on that day so I don't know whether my taste buds is normal. But I can tell that the outside is not crunchy. It'll be better if they make it crunchier. As for the filling, I can taste the red bean granules. For me, I like their filling as it's not too mushy. As for the Ppang, it's a bit dry. But overall, it's okay for me lah!
 After paying the bill, we were standing there and waiting the waitress to finish serving other customers as we want to have a group photo. Ended up a nice and friendly staff stood behind the counter gesturing for asking us whether we want to take photo. BINGO! Yupe! We want! So, 감사합니다
 Nicely taken! They even gave us empty Red packets for CNY.
Here is our receipt of the day, so-called #rotd! LOL!

Last year, my 4th sis Gwen and her friend Joewy had went to this Namoo too. Below are the photos taken by them.

 This is the Sweet Potato Cake고구마 케이크 (RM 12.90). This is their signature and must-try dish. Both of them like it so much as said this was the best thing they ate on that day. Koreans like to consume sweet potatoes as they believe that it has a high nutrition and so it's often used in making so many delicious and healthy dishes, even being positioned as a standard topping of Pizza Hut and Domino's in Korea.
 This is the Rice Burger at around RM 20++ with side dishes including salad, kimchi and fries. My sis said this rice burger wasn't that impressing as the rice wasn't that crunchy and the egg inside wasn't runny at all. But she was quite intrigued by the fries and saying it was the best out of this set.
 I think this will be the Korean squid pancake. They don't like it as it was way to salty. But maybe you may have a try as not everyone's taste buds the same.
 Her friend Joewy Shu Ru, a beautiful smiley Penang's top model. She was one of the 伊林 EeLin MODEL before in Taiwan. Found her sweet and interesting? You can like her Page!
 Gwen with her friend.

The END! Thanks for viewing my blog!!! Kamsahamnida chingu ya~!!! Annyeong! Tteo Mannayo!

Details of Namoo Korean Dessert Cafe and Bistro on The Park @ Gurney Plaza, Penang.
Address: 170-G-40, Gurney Plaza, Pesiaran Gurney, 10250, Penang.
Business Hours: 10am-10pm (weekdays), 10am-11:30pm (weekends), Opens everyday!
Tel: 604- 226 4810
Government Tax: Uhh Uhh! A plus for us!
Halal: Yaya! 
Facebook Page: Click here!

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