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Tips to maintain or even lose weight during Chinese New Year!

by - January 23, 2014

Hello Bello girls!

Chinese New Year is approaching us swiftly. Okay, I admit that I still haven't done my spring cleaning yet. Keke! There are too many readers and my friends ask me how to lose weight and other health-related questions. Here you go! My very first |Weight Loss| update! Everyone wishes to have an unchanged body shape or even slimmer body shape for like every single day, right? Perhaps. Below are some of my tips on how to maintain your weight or even deduct some KGs during the prosperous Horsey Chinese New Year!

Secret Tips (I hope this will help you girls):
1. Don't ever skip your Breakfast!
Many people think that if they skip their breakfast, they can actually cut a lot of calories. But that's a very very wrong mindset! Studies show that if you eat more for breakfast, you'll end up eating less throughout the day. For me, I opt for a healthy breakfast set. I eat whatever I want as usual for breakfast (1 big bowl of oatmeal + 2 bananas or 1 apple + bread + whatever snacks that I crave for). If you want to binge for lunch and dinner, I suggest you to have a protein-heavy breakfast set (1-2 eggs + milk). Studies show protein helps you to stay full longer than the carbs. But usually I don't eat this coz I love good carbs (brown in colour). If you skip your meal, it'll only devour your body metabolism rate.

2. Using a smaller plate or bowl and munching slowly!
I bet everyone knows this well but not everyone applies it into reality. Fill the toothsome food into a smaller bowl or plate can actually help you to feel full and satiated psychologically and unconsciously. Using a pair of chopsticks is even better as it's tougher in picking up your-all-days-cravings (if you have no talent in using chopsticks Keke). Next will be slowing down your mouth for munching and guzzling those CNY snacks or food. Human needs 30 minutes to feel full mentally. So, if you eat slowly, you'll prolong your time for food and you'll probably feel filled after consuming only 70% of your plateful of food. You can also sit far from those tempting delicious food paradise and don't chit-chat while eating but you can laugh out loud (as I always feel my stomach is fulled after a hilarious topic that drags us into a LOL-position).

3. Think before you eat!
Before you want to open your mouth and put those greasy and oily CNY snacks or food into and let them stick with you and be one of the family members of your body fats, you should THINK first! Think of your health in your coming future. Those heavenly delicious food which high in sugar, salt, oil and MSG are really really bad for our health. I admit that they are so so delicious but they can only provide you a short-term happiness and a long-term dismay and depression. I don't ask you not to eat them but you can reward yourself and indulge maybe 1-2 pieces of CNY snacks during this horsey festive season. Just depends on yourself. If you want to maintain your weight, 1-2 per day is nice; if you want to lose weight, zip up your mouth. For those fitness-freaks, you can always bring along a calculator to help you to count the calories (but normally I don't do this). Try to snapshot those calories table of variety of CNY evil but yumyum food. I bet they will help you to be fit.
CNY snacks caloriessssss!!!
Wow! I didn't know these tiny mouth-sized yummy snacks are so high in calories, until today!!!

4. Opt for water instead of those sweet sugary beverages!
Remember to always keep hydrated all daylong! I suggest to drink 2500ml-3000ml water each day ( I drink 3000ml per day). But beware, not to over drink it. It depends on many aspects including weather, your perspiration rate and etc. By drinking water not only can help losing weight but also can help beautifying your skin. Plus, during CNY, if you eat too many oily and sweet snacks, your skin will surely be affected as those food devastate your natural skin collagen. Water is the best and free remedy in this case. You know what?! When I was still a kid, I drank a lot of soft drinks. When I said a lot that really means a lot (5-7 tins per day)! My parents bought us many cartons of various soft drink from coca-cola to chrysanthemum. Things got even worse as we had to visit our kith and kin's houses for "Bai Ni"-chinese style season greeting. Okay, they will definitely give us soft drinks and the most popular one back to the moment was Yeo's Chrysanthemum Tea (like a must for CNY, but it tastes really nice). But do you know how many cubes of sugar are being mixed into this small box of drink? I bet your chin is gonna fall down when you open your eyes to these ghastly truth.
Behold! The heaping cubes of sugar like pyramids are so scary!

5. Stay active!
For this, it's good for you to exercise daily during CNY. If you have a treadmill in your house, don't waste this precious equipment, faster get your ass up from your comfort seats and get a run! If you don't have any exercise facility, go out and run or walk around the park nearby your house in the morning or at night. But I don't really encourage you girls to exercise outside alone, although the fresh air can re-energize our heart, mind and soul. Since there are bunch of grimly robbery or rape news pop out on almost every single day. To steer clear of these unwanted terrifying incidents, you can browse through YouTube for 郑多燕 Jung Da Yeon's cardio tutorial videos. It only takes you 30 mins to finish one full set of exercise. Or if you have Astro, tuned to channel 727 or 728 in the early morning and follow the fitness instructors in order to chase your dream towards becoming a SNSD-alike (I've never done this before as I am mood-less to exercise in the morning but I found they are quite useful)! If you don't have internet and Astro, you can just turn on your radio and dance intensely with the beats (so-called Beauty and the beats haha jkjk). If you are a game-addict (UNO, mahjong or barbie dolls), you should stand up while enjoying yourself. By standing up and do nothing, I can burn around 103 calories per hour; sitting just burns 80 calories (calculated according to my weight and height). If you are a kid-lover, go and play with those active kids. Coz normally, they will like screaming and shouting and running around the house. Just join them, maybe it can inspire your young spirit too! Talking while standing can also burn around 30 calories. In a nutshell, just find something to do and stay active and busy. It's better if you help your mother or mother-in-law to clean the table which covered by those messy and dirty post-consuming plates, you can stay active and also show your degree of fealty. God blesses you on doing so!
 Do you want Jung Da Yeon's body?!
This one is our Tang sisters' bias! After the first 5 mins, we feel that our legs and hands are shaking.

6. Be determined!
This is the last pinpoint of this update. Always be determined. You'll definitely be surrounded by some devils who will ask you don't on diet during CNY and blah blah blah. If you bite the bullets and don't listen to others but listen to your heart, I'll sure you'll succeed! But don't starve yourself ya! I didn't ask you to glue your mouth but eat wisely and healthily!

Okay! Finally, the end! Hope this will help you girls or you guys! Haha! Gong Xi Fa Cai and Hong bao na lai ya~!!!

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