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by - January 13, 2014

       Well, hello bello everyone on this earth! I'm back! Today, I'm gonna share a little experience of me having fun at Break The Code (Penang). Before going to there, my 1st and 2nd sis had already paid a visit to there with their friends while I was still conquering with the tons of assignments thingy. They told me it was fun and tough. They chose "Mummy" theme on that day and it was all about how well you can calculate. Fortunately, my 1st sis is a Mental Arithmetic teacher so she can definitely count the numbers well. But, it was all about team work so... ...they'd only succeeded entering in the 2nd room. Well, this time, I went there with 1st sis (again as she is that kind of humankind who loves to adventure like a Nancy Drew! haha) and Meg. The receptionists asked us to like their FB page and check-in in order to enjoy their ultimate 10% (not that much but it's better than 0% haha). By showing your Student Card, you will get another discount too. On that day, it cost RM27-RM28 something. It was quite expensive but it's good to have a try in lifetime. 
        Meg and I chose the theme of "Detective X" which was the toughest one said by the receptionist. Okay, after putting our begs into a locker, the story began. Headed into a dark and tenebrous room, we started to find the torchlight first. I didn't know why I couldn't find one when I looked through the drawers but Meg did find it. They provided 2 torchlights only (after this game, my eye-muscles were tired). We needed to seek out all the clues and things and open the boxes by using secret codes. We had 2 chances for asking the helpers come in and give us some clues. We used one chance in the 1st room while another chance for the 2nd room. 
           It was quite tough as not a normal person could think of all these weird logic ideas. Inside the rooms were very cold and chilling (suggest you to wear a jacket). Quite scary inside as the wholly ambience plus with the sound effect and the cold air con. Luckily, our time up while we were opening the 3rd door's lock as the 3rd room was like the scariest and ghastly one (a fake corpse was laying on the bed with lots of masks hanging on the wall). Actually, they'd given us extra time and additional one chance for help. Keke! 
             After the brain-consuming game, they took a photo of us and printed it out in no time. We gave it to Meg for her to reminisce while she is in Sydney. Overall, it was an amazing and cool adventurous experience for me!
After being nerve-cracking! Meg with my 1st sis (Crystal). 
You borrow all these knives, swords, spears and wigs for capturing photos. I want to KILL Meg! Muahaha!
Wow! Are you from "The Lord of the Ring" (yesterday I watched both part 1 and part 2, how crazy!) ???
They finally uploaded this pic which taken by their staffs up on their Facebook Page. They gave us an instant print-out of this pic.

Details of - The Ultimate Real Room Escape 真人密室逃脱 1st in Penang:
Address: 368-2-1, Bellisa row, Burmah Road, 10350 Pulau Tikus, Penang.
Business Hour: 10.30am to 12.00am
Price: RM36 (normal), RM32 (off peak), RM30 (student). 
Contact number: 04-226 0484

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