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Movie talk: The Hobbit- the desolation of smaug.

by - January 10, 2014

Since I've got back my freedom just a few days ago, so, I'm quite free lately. Today, I'm gonna talk about a movie I watched recently. I know that I'm quite outdated as this movie was aired on cinema for like quite a long time. It was all the assignments' fault! Blame on it! Keke! This Monday right after I had brunch with Meg and handed in my time-consuming assignments, I went to get my eldest sis (Crystal) and headed to Gurney Plaza for this long-awaited movie. So excited!!! I've watched the part 1 last year and it was so captivating! This time, I don't find it as exciting as part 1, maybe it was too many conversations and was too long. Long until I found it a bit boring in middle. But, overall, still okay to watch!

Mostly, people watch this movie and fall in love with this guy! Included my friends and sisters.

But a weirdo (3rd sis-Christine) said that this guy looks more handsome! Haha!
And our favourite, we call it "Precious" as it always said precious is not appearing in this time. So sad!!!
But still have this monster! Haha! I still prefer "Precious" don't know why.
After the movie and 'breakthecode', chilled at Coffee Bean while waiting the rain to stop pouring.

#teenagersbeingteenagers haha We're still teenagers!

Meg said that she also wanted to pose "OMO", so... ... haha!
BYE! Good luck to you guys!

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