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Roti Bean & Town Bike Cafe @ Lorong Chulia, Penang.

by - January 09, 2014

Roti Bean & Town Bike Cafe was the cafe that I always wanted to visit as I always see people posting their pics of themselves having breakfast there. It located nearby Pit Stop and Mugshot and also 55 Cafe. So, it's quite easy for those who had been to any of these 3 shops to seek for this place. I've only tried out their food but not yet for renting their bike for "Town Bike". 
Yupe! This is what I ordered! Super yummy!

Hello everyone! Today I'm gonna update my blog about a food review. This Monday, I had a "Double Date" with one of my Siao Kia's member namely Megan. She was the first friend I met in 2014! So special haha! We decided to have our breakfast at Roti Bean & Town Bike Cafe followed by a movie, "The Hobbit". Sorry for being late on that day as I was too nervous and anxious in handling all my assignments before submitting. Keke! Luckily, I found an empty lot for me to park just a few steps away from this cafe. Meg told me that this cafe was a really beautiful place once she met me in person as she had waited me inside before I showed up. Before stepping upstairs, we used their toilet! Okay, I must admit that I go to almost every shop's toilets. In my case, toilet is really crucial as it can actually add up extra marks for the shops. And, this toilet is very clean so "Puing" extra marks for them!

Flowery Meg in a beautiful morning!

From a different angle!

I found that Meg is really good in taking photos! Looks like being taken by professional photographer leh! Haha!

They hadn't disassembled the X'Mas decoration so extra marks as I prefer X'mas to CNY! Muahah! 

She was waiting for something special! The "F" thingy---FOOD! Muahaha! I like the ambiance there. It made me feel like I was at overseas!

Nice flowers around!

Lady Meg!

I like the sunlight! Actually, it was a bit hot! Muahah! But sacrifice was worthwhile!

Another shot!

Woo! Flowers again!

Okay, we ordered 1 original Soya Milk (Rm 3) and 1 Signature Soya Milk (Rm 4). Both of them were opalescent and served in kiss temperature as I couldn't take any cold drinks without a proper recovery from my internal sickness. Sounds serious! But actually is quite serious! KEKE! We couldn't make our choice between these 2 types hence ended up like this. We both did some research online and found that some bloggers commented that the signature one which added Horlicks in was too sweet. We only believe in our own tongue and our state of minds was correct! The original one was milky and thick and not too sweet, it didn't taste like too watery as some places serve a very bland one (Pasar Malam one haha maybe they mix up water to cut the cost).  For the signature one, we couldn't taste much flavor of Horlicks initially. But after a few gulps, the taste of Horlicks became thicker and thicker! I think it was depositing at the bottom [hope that they can provide a tea spoon for us to stir it next time]. Overall, the signature one was great and yummy, not too sweet!

Taken by Meg. Give you guys some guidelines, if you just want to drink their soy milk, order the signature one; if you want a drink as a complement to your food, order the original one as after you tasted the thick and rich flavour of egg benedict or other food, the original one is the best for your tongue. And if there's still doesn't have any tea spoon for you to stir your drink, you can follow us to do the "Teh Tarik" by mixing two cups of soy milk! Ended up tasting like 'Haleiluya'!
Gorgeous Meg showing you how to drink soy milk! Haha!

My way of drinking it. DUH, just jk!

TQ Meg for the beautiful shot!

It was also a day for her to practice how to capture professional alike photos.

WOw! Her progress was in a tremendous rate!

Like, finally! Our food!!! Behold, our soy milk! were being sipped! Muahaha!

Selca before eating!

Selca with our food!
Thanks the waitress for these photos!

YOYOYO can't wait to dig in!

Egg Benedict with Smoked Salmon (RM13.00)- MMM YUMYUM! The yellowish emulsion fluid on top was seducing me! To be real honest, this was my very first time consuming the Egg Benedict. I was always curious about how it tastes like. It came with a scoop of mash potato topped with tomato-alike sauce. Some bloggers said that the Egg Benedict's Hollandaise sauce was over-powering. But for me it's just nice. If you just taste the yellowish sauce, it's not so tasty but just sourly. But if you blend the sauce and salmon and the poached eggs together with the bread loaf, it was more "heavenly delicious"! It's hard to use a series of adjectives to describe it but all I can say is, I'll probably go there for the second time or even more! Layers of taste. I could taste the buttery flavour too! In a nut shell, it was sour yet sweet and mix well altogether. But one thing I want to complain is the poached eggs were not that "runny"! It didn't ooze out! But that's not big deal! Anyways, I still love it! As for the mash potato, it was delicious and appetizing. I could taste the aroma of tomato. Funny thing was, Meg asked me whether I could taste the tiny pieces of bacon in mash potato, maybe it was just a misunderstanding haha as I didn't taste any bacon in it.       

Her Iphone ate first.

So serious whenever taking the pics of food.

Richard's Strammer Max with Smoked Turkey Bacon (RM12.00)- The bread loaf was too tasty and palatable, it wasn't the plain one! Aigoo, I'd forgotten its name as Meg told me that day. This dish tasted refreshing, light and good for the on-diet people. The Turkey Bacon was very ambrosial since it has layering of different part of the turkey meat. An egg on top again. I was pretty worried of getting over-nutritious on that day as I ate so many eggs! As total I ate 2 and a half! But never mind, my family always say that I was in malnutrition! Haha! This was tasty too! It served with a scoop of mash potato too!

#malaysianbeingmalaysian it was likely a ritual before eating---taking pics non-stop!

The portion was actually quite big!

I'm ready for FOOD!

Okay a normal one!

Mummy Meg was distributing it into half, one for me and one for her!

I like her smile! Resembles to Lee Seung Ki's! [Aigoo still can't believe YoonA is now dating him!]

This was the Richard's Strammer Max with Smoked Turkey Bacon. Onion, egg, bacon, bread, what a good start for Monday!

Nah! Here's the evidence! The egg was not running! It was overcooked a bit! But, take it easy sis, it still taste like paradise!

Thumbs up for this Roti Bean & Town Bike Cafe!

Remarkable part is the stairs, it actually equipped with a door horizontally. It was like a Cinderella's garret!

Pretty girl with noteworthy stairs!

Here's the receipt! I think the price was reasonable and affordable! Worthwhile! Yeppi! Finish updating! Gonna take a nap!
 Here's some photos from Meg's smartphone:
#candidshot??? Muahaha! Must follow the trend!

 The end but not the end for my story! BYE! Good Luck guys!

Details of Roti Bean & Town Bike Cafe:
Address              :5, Lorong Chulia, 10200 Georgetown, Penang.
Operating Hours : 9am to 5pm but the kitchen is closed at 3pm. (Mon to Sun, closed on Tue).
Tel                      : 04-261 3719
Facebook           : Roti Bean & Town Bike Cafe

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