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I'm an unofficial FRESH GRADUATE!

by - July 01, 2015

I'm an unofficial FRESH GRADUATE!

These photos were taken two years ago at my sister's graduation ceremony. I borrowed it for photo-shooting as I didn't go to my Diploma graduation ceremony! Muahaha! I think my face is changing! OMO!

This feeling is somewhat weird to me. Seems like yesterday I was still a toddler prattling about my favourite cartoon series (at that time was Tweety Bird as we didn't equip the Astro satellite that's why had to watch what TV2 & TV3 aired for us). I was always the one who lived in her own reverie contemplating on how my future look like in class ever since I was at a pretty young age, probably 8 years old. My sisters are the witnesses. They used to visit me at every beginning of year like other parents do and they said I was always daydreaming in class. Even my class teachers complained about this specific issue. But then I had upgraded this gifted 'virtue' when I was in secondary school. I daydreamed as usual whilst listening to the teachers' forever-like speeches. So, every time the teachers asked me to stand up and continue reading at where they stopped, I often blew them away as I knew where they stopped. Muahaha!

I don't know about you, but in my case, the time is passing more posthaste each time I blow one more candle on my cake each year. Still remember I freaking hate going to high school and seating on my chair, looking at the slowly chimed clock to strike at 1.50pm (school OUT!).  

I can't believe that I'd actually completed my Degree life! The hardest dissertation was in its past tense! YEPPI! The result was promulgated a couple days ago but I still do not have the guts to check it on eVision! Ok! Call me loser or coward whatever. But I just think that I should not check it out yet. Maybe later haha! I was on my job hunt last Friday and I'd already been hired. Thanks god for everything in my life going so smooth!

Now let me enjoy my last few moments of joy before checking my result online! Muahaha!

FYI, my graduation ceremony would be on December. I don't know why it is scheduled for so late!

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  1. well you finally make it! life goes on so quickly

  2. Congrats!! - my new fashion and lifestyle blog!
    xxx Hilaire

  3. Even if it's unofficial.. nevertheless.. congratulations! :)

    I hope December comes soon enough! :)

    YouTube | Blog: Geekette in High Heels | Instagram

    1. Me too! I finally feel relieved! Thanks!


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