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1st Week as an Office Lady aka White Collar!

by - July 15, 2015

1st Week as an Office Lady aka White Collar!
Hello everyone! I received some emails from online friends (readers, I normally don't call you guys as readers since I don't really like the borderline set) asking me where did I go. The answer is I have started my journey as an office lady (OL) aka White Collar. I use the term OL more often as I'm an Asian and always stick to the Taiwanese TV shows which they only use OL indicating the working lady. Since, this is my space for me to reveal what I think might be worth shared with you, today I'm gonna write-up about my 1st week of working experience in this totally brand-new and odd circumstance.

1st day
Let me begin with the 1st day of the 1st week as an OL. This pic above was taken on the 1st day on car right after I luckily found a parking lot. I woke up earlier than usual as to be acquainted with the time period of how early should I come so that I could have a parking space. 
This is what I ate at a hawker centre nearby BJ area. Lunch time at 1.30pm (a bit late than what I used to but right now I'd accustomed to it). RM6.00 with a part of drumstick, some ikan bilis and shades of stir-fried broccoli. One of my colleagues uttered that this was expensive. But I normally do not go to hawker centre for food which makes me not so versed in the hawker prices. Most of the time, I eat either at home or cafes. After back home, I felt relieved and collapsed at the same time as my legs were so sore which made no sense to a whole day sitting on a chair case. Haha maybe it was due to the nervousness relieved and I felt relaxed once I reached the warmest place on earth- HOME. Or maybe due to the female cycle (I bet you grasp what I imply if only you are a girl).

2nd day
So, I'm still in the stage of seeing the lay of the land with messy scribbled notes which conventionally being claimed by my friends as a doctor's professional writing. Haha! The day before, me and my 2nd sis were planning on having our lunch at Coffee Smith as both of us had a sudden crave for spaghetti. Seriously, I'd never been to this cafe yet. She picked me up at lunch time in rain, we drove our way to the Summerton yet couldn't find any parking lot nearby. Upshot, we'd decided to salve our another craving for Dave Deli's signature chicken. On my mind, I was disconcerted by the odds of long flocking queue. Fortunately, there was just a couple of customers in line. I ran to seek for a place for us shortly. The chicken is the BEST! I really like how they manage to cook it without charring it. Especially for the meat texture, it is juicy and tender. I really love the skin. I know it might be high in calories but since it was my 2nd day of work so I treated myself a little long-overdue indulgence in high fat food. The mash potato is phenomenal as well. Though it's high in butter. Haha! Recalling back to the time I was rushing and gobbling down like a cannibal due to the rush hour of 20mins. We wasted lots of time in finding a parking lot. It was so difficult to fumble one as it almost Hari Raya which people are ticking their bucket list of raya thingy.

3rd day
I did not take any selfie as ... I'm not sure the reason as well. I had one bowl of Hokkien Mee at the hawker nearby the Queensbay Mall which famous for the Tomyam Mee one. RM4.50 per bowl. Was it pricey? I'm not sure too.

4th day
On that day I brought my own bento box to work. Thanks to my dad, he cooks us 3 meals a day 24/7. He is the brilliant cook. While lunching, I revised back the korean studies. My dad was thrilled of looking at me taking so much food and squeezed them into a regular size of bento. I stick to the high-protein diets which I eat one egg per day.

5th day
I brought my bento to work as well. Salmon was the king of my bento. Yummy! One thing good for sure is the aftermath of indulgence. When you eat-out, your tongue would normally seek and yearn for water as to the high MSG. That day was also the FLYDAY- Friday!!! That indicates I can finally FLY!!! Not really as I do not have a pair of patting wings.

In a nutshell, I think I kinda accustomed to being an OL in such short period of time. Maybe people might think that working life is boring and dense. But my perspective in this respect is utterly contradicted to the conventional decipher of working life. Now, I'll stop here! See you guys next time!

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