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One Last Time #POTD

by - July 03, 2015

One Last Time #POTD
Dear Human Beings,

How are you guys? I hope everything is doing well for you. Last month, the view rate was the BOOM! Thank you so much for your support towards my space (blog, but don't call me a blogger). I tried my best to blog as frequent as I can on last month since I was free after handed in all the chagrined heaping assignments. But start from next week, I'll be working. I received a lot of emails from you guys asking me where do I work. Here to say, I'm so sorry that I cannot reveal my workplace for my own safety. I'd like to keep it confidential. Basically just an office job.

I don't know why are you guys always mistaken that I were working in the PR-related field. Some of the readers even thought that I study the Mass Media Course. Okay dude! Let's throw it clear here. The course I took was Business Management. Yes, throughout my Diploma and Degree studies. Having a blog doesn't mean I study mass com/graphic designs kind of course ok! I also don't know why I study this kind of what traditional Chinese parents would ask their children to take courses. A bit regretful! But, never mind. I still can pretend that I am a graphic designer and photographer here, on my own space. 

As for the job, my dad always has different kinds of ideas like teacher, doctor, lawyer and most epic one is police. He asked me to work as a policewoman. What the heck! I understand his motives as he yearns me to fulfill his childhood dream jobs. I know right, dad?! Luckily, I am not writing in Chinese as he is one of my reader as well recently. CHIO!

Today is my one last time kind of being a free-spirit. Next week start working lo lo lo! Hope everything goes well!!! And a lot of readers ask me how to maintain fit while working and even ask me to update on blog. Well, I still haven't figured it out yet. Will update you once I know the way haha! 

If you haven't listened to this song yet (nearly impossible as Ari is the hottest issue nowadays!), here you go!

YES! I chopped off my hair d! Became shoulder-length!!! Pretty not haha Yeppeujahnayo?? Muahaha! I'm getting perverse! Let's stop here! OMG still has a lot of pending sponsor projects haven't done yet!


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