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Teenager's Tumblr inspired summer picnic/party!!!

by - July 21, 2015

Teenager's Tumblr inspired summer picnic/party by sea is always a must for everyone who is still in their early 20s. If you don't throw this kind of party now, when you get older, you'll definitely mope in the dump. Not gonna lie you! Haha! School is gonna reopened in no time right?! Seriously, I so miss the school-time where you can chat with your friends in Uni about the latest mean girls or bitches (a bit rude but it exemplifies really well to some people), which lecturers do something ragged stuffs & etc. Too much to mention! Today, I'm doing a massive throwback to last year pertaining to the summer girls' party. I think I shall let the pictures speak by themselves.
Our beautiful aka snsd-like legs (blek...just jk!)

On that day, we planned to gather at Zi Qiong's on 7am. I had no choice but to start my journey at 6.15am which means I had to be awaken at 5am to prepare all the stuffs. So kelian! And I have always been crowned as the LATE QUEEN (they say I always the last one to arrive one). But I was the 1st one on that day in all sudden. Out of my expectation haha! Maybe I drove really fast like F1 racer!
We were preparing the cake decoration...


Driver of the day! Steady...steady...2 lives are on your hands!

Photographer of the day.

This one is very pro as well. I wonder who was the photographer...mmm come and tell me if that's you!

This series of pics look like we were clubbing in sun! haha

Just my selca haha! Stay tuned for more pics!

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  1. I agree with you dear that summer picnic party is must for everyone who is in early 20’s. From your party pictures I can see how interesting and fun it is to enjoy party at beach side with friends. Now I am also thinking to book a nice location like event venues Chicago for my bachelorette party before getting married.

    1. Wow! A massive congratulation to you on your marriage and hope you'd have fun! :)


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