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Tumblr & Instagram Inspired Summer Picnic & Party Food Ideas

by - July 16, 2015

Tumblr & Instagram Inspired Summer Picnic & Party Food Ideas
Yes! I understand that the school holiday is gonna end right soon. So, why not throw an impromptu summer picnic or party by the sea with your flock of girlfriends or even your family or maybe you want to spend this #onelasttime moment with your lover? In this century of Tumblr-dominated or Instagram-ruled, we girls have to make sure everything we do is worth for a pic which deserves many likes right?! Even if the "likes" is not your thingy, you'll definitely feel lighted once you see every pic you took in whatever event is so professional-esque. Have you ever heard of "the law of attraction"? It means if you see a beautiful creature for long enough, you'll be prettier like that creature. Upshot, we should always make sure that everything we do is neat and pretty so that it can have the positive impact to us inside out!

This event was waged in last year right before 3 of them in this pics on-board back to their Aussie life. We celebrated our 21st birthday on that day as well. You may watch the video CLICK ME HERE!

This is just a few ideas that we come across. I'll also provide my own kind of recipe which you might find a slightly different from how it looks like in the pics as some other food are prepared by my friends. Let's get your tongue drooled!

1.) Healthy-yet-not-so-healthy Salad
You can tell by just looking at this plastic basket. In order to keep it fresh all the way from your refrigerator to the destination that you'd chosen, you may put some ice cubes within. Pertaining to the healthy side, you can have your own selection of greens. Add in some strawberries or other colourful fruits in avail of the wholly shades of colours. As to the unhealthy element, i didn't know why my friend randomly put in the Hersey's chocolate into this. I kind of concurring with this idea more by days as I think it's a party, why should we care about the calories so precisely and solemnly? Chill lah BRO! Eat lah later only got energy to hit the treadmill right?! I bet this simple idea doesn't need any attached recipe to help you right? Just be free-style coz when it comes to diet and fitness, you just always end up realizing that mix & match will do the necessities. Otherwise, you'll be smothered by the dread boredom which might blow up your passion and determination.

2.) A mainstream SANDWICH idea
If I'm not mistaken, the origin sandwich idea was actually originated from England right? Where they played a kind of card game or watch the horse race and they were too fussy on eating a proper dish so they make it a scrumptious kind of set meal with bread loaf and probably meat slices and veges. Since childhood, I was naturally being imprinted this kind of concept which 'we need sandwich while on picnic' on mind. Sandwich might be heavy or light, it depends on your incline. I suggest you to make it lighter as you'll absolutely bring along other kind of food to this picnic right. I bet the last thing you want is wasting the food and feeling bloated after forcing yourself to swallow all the food down your throat. Here's a recipe of how I normally do. *the sandwich shown in pic was prepared my my friend.

  • Bread loaf (whichever you prefer, but I think whole grain is better and healthier)
  • Boiled eggs (if you're a egg lover, you may use more)
  • Yogurt (I suggest to use the original coz if you use the flavored one like raspberry, it will be weird to match with the salty ingredients)
  • 1 teaspoon of sugar
  • a pinch of salt
  • bacon slices cut into pieces
  • sandwich greens (normally we use the cabbage or just cut it into little pieces and mix with other ingredients but it'll be less attractive)
  • Honey or maple syrup
  1. Press the boiled eggs and make it into gravel kind of texture. If you think it's too dry, add in some hot water to coordinate the texture.
  2.  Add in sugar,honey, salt & yogurt into the egg mixture.
  3.  Pan-fried the bacon cuts and add into the mixture.  
  4.  Mix the bacon into the mixture.
  5. If you prefer the soft texture of bread loaf, you can just leave it there. But if you prefer the crunchy kind of texture, heat up your pan and put your bread slices onto it and keep an eye on it or else it gonna be charred. No need to apply any oil, just carefully heat it via pan.
  6.  Now you may do the necessities of putting all of these together.
3.) Salmon Cheesy Cracker
This is my creation which is really delicious, though a bit mussy here. Probably messed up while traveling. Haha! The recipe is pretty simple. I usually buy the to-go cracker (choose the cheese flavor which reinforces the flavor) at grocery. Next, I'm using the fresh salmon and cut it into tinier than the miniature size. Then, mix it with the go-to can tuna. Cut the cheese into whatever shape which fits to the cracker and put them together like being shown above. And Woala! Toothsome cracker is ready!!!

4.) BBQ Pork Slices
In case you don't know what it is (different culture from me), this is considered as our Chinese bacon. Haha! This comes in packed which is really convenient to grab it. This idea is pretty good as you can mix and match with your sandwich or whatever salad (maybe you are going under the Paleo diet where you couldn't intake carbs). But be careful of the portion size coz if I'm not mistaken, 1 big piece of this costs you about 300 kcals. OMG!

5.) A girl-all-time-favourite Cake!
This was baked by my friend which means I can't provide you her marble cake recipe. But if you want, you may CLICK HERE for my kind of cake recipe which is easy and 100.02% odd of success. If you want it to be more rustic, you can just simply put the nuts onto the cake. As for the presentation, we decorate it by writing our names or any other sentences you like on the colourful tattered paper and stick it on the tiny stick. We even used the X'mas decoration to make it bewitching for TUMBLR! HAHA! Then you can buy the multi-colour candles to brighten it up.

6.) Crepes
A bit weird right the combination of sweet crepe filled with Nutella and add on the salty hotdog slices. So you might just go with the sweet element in this case. Haha! Recipe that I suggest: CREPE RECIPE!!!

7.) Typical American Cereal Breakfast
You can find it at grocery handily. But be sure to aim that kind of captivating boxes and packages so your pics will be popped up. We brought juices, cereal (I like the chocolate cracker!!!), yogurt and a Chinese traditional 'ANG KE NING' red boiled eggs just being ink by the red liquid.

8.) Fresh Fruits
Needless to mention, this is a MUST! Fruits are all different in colours and you just have to cleverly put it in different kind of containers to make it funnier.

See, is it really nice?! Although there is the newspapers as well haha!

In order to save the earth, I brought my own kiddy plastic plate (probably from 10 years back) and the reusable plastic spoon and fork (I grabbed it from my last trip to Korea) HAHA! It looks cute and definitely worth for a pic for TUMBLR & INSTAGRAM!!!

Click here for the video!!! But I haven't subbed it yet!

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