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BoA(보아)_"Only One"_Song Cover & MV Parody

by - July 02, 2015

BoA(보아)_"Only One"_Song Cover & MV Parody
This is just for fun! MV was filmed in Seoul, Korea at one of the Hollys Coffee (할리스 커피) in Myeong-Dong. I think it was two years ago. I still remember at that night, I said why not we film some videos since this is our last day being in Korea. Then this happened. Haha! I really like this cafe as they rent the whole 4-story building. We went to the highest level, yes we are always so naughty! Haha! Nobody was there so this MV shooting idea kicked in.

Originally, when I edited this MV, I used the original song by BoA. But due to the copyright issue, I have no choice but to cover it by my own. I just used my handphone to record my voice. So sorry for the low sound quality. I hope you like it!!!

Here's the video!!!

This is the original "Only One" MV by BoA. Love the dance routine so much! (Don't ask me to film myself dancing ya, I think I need Anlene milk to strengthen my bone first! haha!)

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