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Yellow Lips 澳日咖啡馆 @ Lebuh Pantai / Beach Street, Georgetown, Penang. [后宫真’烦--huan'传]

by - July 26, 2015

[槟城美食攻略] Yellow Lips 澳日咖啡馆是近日很火红的咖啡馆,位于Lebuh Pantai / Beach Street,Georgetown, Penang。如果说China House是在前段呢,那这家就是在尾段咯。我相信GPS会为您指路的(阿美我不是很会认路,不好听的说,是半个路痴)。但还记得我中学的数学老师告诉我们通常路痴都是美女,她多半是在暗示自己是个美女吧!假如这叙述是成立的话,那阿美我岂不是半个。。。哈哈!好啦!好啦!咱们进入重点呗!

Recently, Yellow Lips which is located at Lebuh Pantai aka Beach Street, Georgetown, Penang is in rage on Facebook. I think it definitely due to its so peculiar name. If you say China House is at the front end of the road, then this cafe would be at the end segment. I believe that GPS could blaze the trail (coz I'm not good at finding directions, probably the road nerd! Haha! I still remember that back in high school, one of my maths teacher told us that road nerds have a high odd to be a beauty, I think she was just trying to imply that she was a 'beauty'. Haha! If this statement is the truth, then I'm also.... haha Okie okie Let's get to the point!

现今,阿美我已是个小资女OL。所以为了慰劳自己埋头苦干了几天,都会去一去不一样的Cafes,至少一周一次。还记得那天是马来同胞的新年,反正闲着也是闲着就去了这一家咯!你一定会觉得很奇怪,为何我要用华语写这一篇文章呢?我也不清楚。反正就是:“I got a feeling” --黑眼豆豆的歌。
{Thanks to the owners for the warm hospitality}
Since I'd become an office lady, I decided to visit different kind of cafes at least once a week to salve my hard work done. On that day was the Hari Raya, instead of lazing in my sofa, we wen to this cafe. You must be curious about why I wrote in Chinese, I also don't know, just 'I got a feeling!'--Black eyed peas.
“全马首家澳日风味咖啡馆,采用新鲜高级之食材烹调美食,价格大众化。本店采用的咖啡豆也是世界顶级的,于INTERNATIONAL COFFEE TASTING ITALY荣获大奖,更以手冲咖啡的方式呈现!15/7/2015正式营业。”
 Needless for any extra description, come and see the pics!

抹茶 Matcha Frappe (RM12)
这家的特别之处就在于店家会撒上一丁点儿的芝麻粒在所有饮料上。但后宫的陈妃就不是很喜欢这融合国际的概念咯。但我还蛮喜欢的啦。这家抹茶味真的很足很香醇,很浓郁!好喝过Miam Miam的饮品系列。可能是因为阿美我不是只蚂蚁,所以就觉得有点甜。但我二姐就对它爱不释手哦。 
The special remark of this cafe is they sprinkle trifle of sesame seeds onto their beverages. But this idea is not suitable and seemly to everyone as Vicky dislike it haha! However, I like it. This cafe's matcha has a really strong and substantial kick of flavour. Savoury and rich! I think it's better than Miam Miam's. But it is a bit too sweet for me, maybe I don't have any sweet tooth or not an ant haha! But my sis likes it so much! 

日式熏鸭丼饭 Japanese Smoked Duck Don(RM16)
前一晚在资料搜查时,三姐说她认识的一位部落客批评这家的饭很硬很不顺口。搞得我有点不敢点饭食类。但果然,个人有个人不一致的观点。有时也别太依赖别人评论哦!Never try never know! 老实说阿美我并不是个日迷,是韩迷。所以很久没吃日式料理了。但这家的丼饭让我渐渐爱上咯!先说这家的鸭肉片,甘甜甘甜,处理的恰当好处,不会过咸或过甜。那鸭肉嫩嫩地再配上肥而不油的部位,口感真是一流!和Macallum Connoisseurs有的比哦!但两家是不一样风格的啦。哈哈!至于那颗温泉蛋呢,搓破后流出金黄蛋汁,渗透了米饭,增添了不少风味。说到米饭,我很喜欢这家的煮饭加水比例,因为口感像足了小米参粳米饭。赞!而且,分量也很足哦!
A day before, I was searching for this cafe and my sis told me one of the blogger claimed that the rice here is not tasty which made me having a second-thought while ordering. Upshot, I think each person has different perspective. Sometimes, don't over-trust others' comments on blogs. Never try never know! To be honest, I'm not a Japan-fan, I incline to Korean food. It's been a long time for Japanese food to have a proper date with my tummy. But this Don changed my state of mind. Talking to the duck slices, it's being well-cooked with the moderate sweetness and saltiness. The fats and soft duck pieces enhance the whole textures. Seems like Macallum Connoisseurs has a competitor here! But both of them serve different style of food. Haha! As for the spa-boiled egg or I call it as poach egg, the egg yolk permeates into the rice and makes it more moisture. I really like the water proportion they cook the rice, texture like that kind of healthy whole grain rice. LIKE! And it is quite big in serving size!
 It's broken....

奶油白酱墨鱼汁意大利面 Carbonara Squid Ink Spaghetti (RM16)
一道很有惊喜的美食。每当看到Carbonara就会想到那奶香味。但这家的很有趣哦!我一吃进嘴里,顿时懵了一下,因为我尽然联想到加椰醬KAYA!哈哈!但真的很特别!是好吃的特别!别怕!说着说着,我又想念了这味道!哈哈!至于面呢,店家也处理了不错哦!有Al dente!在给你一个赞啦!
A super flabbergasting dish but in a good way. Each time when I see Carbonara, all that comes to my mind was the creamy milky flavour. But this one, after I ate it, I was obtuse in a great while, then it somehow linked me to the KAYA! Yes that one we spread it on our bangali roti!!! Haha! So special! I miss this already! And the noodles are in al dente texture! GOOD!

很少拍到她酱的表情!哈哈!She normally acts normal, so this was epic!

来了!来了!扮嘢 Look!Come! Let me act like being shot candidly! Haha!
这绝非是我的意见!我也不懂为何她叫我看着我的手,哈哈!四元次 Look!This will never be my idea. She asked me to look at my arm. Haha! 4-dimentional
这就是店家热情的老板与漂漂的老板娘啦!Kind tauke and cantik taukesor!
So far, they still haven't had the printed menu yet at this moment which makes it even harder to order. And, the toilet is pretty clean here. I really think this cafe serves good food at reasonable and pocket-friendly foods! But here to mention, please check out their Facebook page (link at below) before going. As they will notify whether they serve Japanese cuisine or Aussie one or both.
与二姐谈话中,风趣的老板尽问我要不要拍!哈哈!但我不是很清楚是什么也哈哈!但看似很美味!In the middle of being a chatterbox, the funny owner asked me whether want to snap it haha! But I'm not sure about the name of this dish but I think it visually looks heavenly!
So sorry, I forgot to take pic before gulping it down my throat. The owner let me have a good try on their Chocolate ice drink, it's good and rich! That kind of drink which kills Mr. insomnia. Haha!

[后宫真’烦--huan'传] 的嫔妃们吩咐御膳房准备的。(我们私底下都用后宫的语句WeChat的哈哈!)也很有趣哦,因为像儿时的最爱Mummy零食的味道。哈哈!不多加评论,就让你们自己尝鲜呗!Vicky and Sharene ordered this and all of us think that this is so amusing as it tastes like the childhood favourite---'Mummy' the junk food with yellow package and seasoning powder. I just had a bite so can't really comment on it, you may have a try by your own.
陈妃与林妃 Vicky and Sharene
多加一位美答应。也不懂何时从万人之上一人之下的贵妃被贬值为答应了!很开心大家都已不一样的身份再次见面,聊聊琐碎事!Add on me! I can't really explain this sentence in English bcoz it's pertaining to the Emperor of China's wifey stuffs haha. I'm so happy that we met again with a different role and position.
Details of Yellow Lips 澳日咖啡馆
Address: No 496 Lebuh Pantai, George Town, Penang, Malaysia.
Tel: 018-949 4018
Business Hour: Everyday from 11am til 10pm (Closed on TUE!)
 Facebook Page: Yellow Lips 澳日咖啡馆

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  1. awesome post! :) the cafe is very nice. i went there on friday with my friend and it impressed me! :)

    1. Yupe! Just now I was still mooning on having their food during my work time at office haha!


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