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Tavern in the park \\ Glass House @ Hin Bus Depot, Georgetown, Penang.

by - December 09, 2015

Tavern in the park \\ Glass House @ Hin Bus Depot, Georgetown, Penang.  I think this would be the hottest topic in Penang. I went to this beautiful place a couple weeks ago. I know I'm a bit too late in blogging... Coz last week was my big day - Graduation! I still yet to upload the videos plus pics! Frankly speaking, this was considered as an unpremeditated date with my buddy! I asked her out on Friday and she said YES! Both of us even had the mutual perspective on the location we wanted to go which is HERE! Although I know its name but I always casually call this cafe as Glass House '玻璃屋'! This concept is so new to us coz mostly you only have the chance to see it on TV in western country.
I think needless to introduce to you guys, she is CATHERINE! She appears on my blog too often haha! Which is GOOD! I only have a few friends but they are all high in quality one!

Yeap! Nobody helped us to take these couples of shots, just me setting the timer and.... Haha! I really like how the architecture enhances the whole feel. It feels like a Western style.

Alright, I think I really need to be the storyteller here as I think my experience for this cafe visiting was too epic in a good way! Well, Catherine didn't really know where it was and so did I. We were like the "flies without heads" and fortunately, we still managed to get there. How lucky we were, coincidentally, a car was just about to leave. We'd earned a parking lot and the lot was so strategically located just beside of this cafe. Then, we walked to the cafe and found no empty table. Yet, there was an empty table at the outside, we just put our things there and started to take pics (Yeap like how you scrolled down and viewed the precious shots). 

After being the models of our own, I asked Catherine to wait me while taking her rest and I walked forward to the counter on the other side. Actually, I had made a call to this cafe the day before, we learned that they are no longer taking any reservation unless you reserve for the whole place. I thought we just have to walk in and wait for the others to leave the table and so we have the place to dine in (like the DimSum Dine in concept). I was wrong coz we supposed to rush to the counter and write our name on the waiting list after we set our footsteps on the ground from the car. Haha! And, the cashier told me that there were 5 more names on the waiting list. I was like, emm, OK, I shall ask my tentative manager (Catherine) first. Hence, I asked her by gesturing in the public (like how I always use to), she said OK! 

After waiting for just probably less than 15 minutes, they told us that 5 groups of people before us were unreachable, so we were being seated to the most instagram-friendly place according to one of the friendly waitress. Keke! You have to make orders and pay at the counter just in case you don't know how it works.
This is one of the friendly waitress cum cashier.

Below is a snapshot of their menu. Unfortunately, they had been cancelled two items from the section of 'Other Main'. After you paid, you will receive the receipt which is also quite important to all of the 21st century citizens. The underlying reason is that you can get their WiFi password from the receipt. The WiFi is quite speedy.

They'll also give you your table number.

While waiting for our food... The paparazzi was on mission again! Ya! One thing omitted to tell you guys, if you want to go to the loo, you need to walk for quite some distances to the toilet. It's nearby the Bricklin Cafe.

The most happy moment was when our food being served! Here's what we had ordered on our visit. I did a lot of research on internet just to dwindle the dismay of ordering the wrong food. Haha! And so I suggested to order one Burger and one set of crostini for sharing.
Crostini (A set of 3- RM 18)
There's a few choices for you to dwell on. Catherine said she heard that the peanut butter banana is quite decent, so one down. The 3 mushrooms one was ordered as well as I read from one of the sought-after blogs and it declared how delicious it is. Next, I was hesitating between the chicken wasabi mayo and the smoked salmon flavor. The cashier helped me with this puzzlement (choices dilemma) by recommending me to order the Smoked Salmon one which is her personal favourite until now. Initially, I was badly looking down on the peanut butter banana. However, it astonished me in an ultimate way! I think they had sprinkled a bit of salt on it if I'm right. The saltiness really neutralize the sweetness so flawlessly. As for the peanut butter spread, you can still eat the crunchy peanut chunks! I like it so so much and I miss it so much as well (damn! I'm writing this with my nearly empty stomach!). As for the 3 mushrooms, if you just eat it without the bread, it may be a bit salty to my liking. Well, if you eat the bread and topping together, it just tastes amazing! The smoked Salmon one is also very yummy. The salmon doesn't have the fishy flavor and I think the spread they use on the bread is cream cheese right? I'm not so sure but this combination is just so YUMMY! As for the bread loafs at the bottom, they are full of grains which amplifies the whole texture. OMG! Am I writing too much again?! I always behave like this when I try to blog a brief post.  

Chicken Mango Mint Chutney (RM17.00)
This burger comes with a reciprocal fries. Let's start with the fries, I think it's soggy and quite greasy. Not crunchy at all. As for me, the sprinkle of salt is way too much. I think the fries should be improved. Alright, let's change to the positive side, I really adore their burger! Frankly speaking, I really hate the chicken slice from Subways. So, I was so afraid that they would give me this kind of chicken slice or patty. Fortunately, their patty is a totally all-kill (or just me? ahah)! You can still eat the soft bones (maybe?) from the chicken! It's soft, tender and fresh! In the case of sauce, I think it does need some improvements to make it even more decent and unique. 

Let's take photos before eating! As I grow older, I really like to take photos with my buddies coz I really want to keep all those memories. I even took a couple of footage! But I think I should upload my graduation video first right? haha! Still in the progress, move like a tortoise!

Fortunately, it was raining softly which affected on the indoor lighting. So, they turned on the light bulbs. Guess what?! Even better and more beautiful!
Alright, the end! A lot of pending posts! A lot of pending media invitations! OMG! I think I'm just gonna reject most of the invitations, sorry guys!

Details of Tavern in the park
Address: 125, Jalan Timah, 10150 Georgetown, Penang. (do you know Hin Bus Depot or Bricklin Cafe? 3 of them are located together adjacently.)
Tel: 04-218 9394
Business Hour: 10am to 10pm daily (Coz sometimes they might be booked for private events, so be sure to contact them and ask before going. And they do not take any reservation now, you have to walk in, so faster run to the counter and write down your name and contact no. on the waiting list ya!)

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