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Dear Santa, this is my wishlist...

by - December 21, 2015

Dear Santa,
Hello! Although we'd never met each other yet, but I still engage with my childhood self in within. Which means that I still believe in you and the old cliche of 'dreams come true'. Hence, I decide to write up this wishlist for you to deliberate! (Especially thanks to the Community Team at Spring for the invitation to be on-board on this magical and inspirational project!)

  1.  I wish that all of my dreams on this wishlist could be able to come true! (sounds greedy but it's so true somehow!)
  2. Robust health for all of my family members (including me definitely), friends and lover!
  3. To have a fit and slim body! (every girl's wish to become as fit as Victoria Secret's Angels!)
  4. I wish to have more plates and bowls so that I could cook more at home for my loved ones and present it in a nice and mesmerizing way! The Rectangular Platter from Spring is one of my all time favorite kind of plate! Looks so professional! Who doesn't want a BRUNCH at home?
  5.  I wish to have my own reading and blogging area where I could really delve into every single pieces on my mind and perhaps have some ME-time session. I think a comfortable couch would be good enough like the Wallace chair from Spring.
  6.  Ever since I started to work as a permanent employee under my current agency, I tend to not have the time at home in blogging. Thus, I really wish that I could have a personal customized case to cover up my lovely laptop and bring it along with me whenever I head out to meet clients or friends or maybe some times I would visit to the cafes alone (yet to try!). This Mod Laptop 2 from Spring is a dream!                                                          
  7.  I also need a super exclusively branded makeup collection just like the Mesmerizing Eye Collection from Spring is good enough for me. So that I could be able to have the power to push me on makeup.
  8.  I always wish that I could have a nice and fancy kind of dress to wear to a big and up-scale places. The Embroidered Color-Block Silk Faille Column Gown is pretty much amazing and is enough for me to fill it onto my X'mas wishlist!                                        
  9. I wish to be HAPPY as always! (If my wishes and dreams come true, then my mouth would be curved up even higher!
 Although, I could write even longer on this wishlist for X'MAS 2015, but another side of me is telling me that 'if you are HAPPY, everything would be turned out in the way you wish it would be'. Thence, I would just stop at here. BYE! Hey, BTW Santa, I would put my dad's socks on my windows at my living room (not my bedroom of course coz it would be quite smelly~ KEKE!). So, you get what I mean right?!

Thanks a million!


Feel free to drop by the website of to buy the things that you wish to have for a long long time ago! And MERRY X'MAS guys!

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