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Nois Coffe & Retail Cafe @ The Palazzia, Jalan Bukit Gambir, Penang.

by - December 14, 2015

Nois Coffe & Retail Cafe @ The Palazzia, Jalan Bukit Gambir, Penang. A few days ago (to be more rigid, it was long time ago~!), I was having a mini-gathering with 2 of my previous classmates from high school, Ejoo and LayLay (a nickname I gave her keke!). Thanks Ejoo for fetching me on that day and I hope you were doing great in your examination! The reason why I chose this cafe to be the destination is very fathomable. Because 3 of us had never tried it before! We talked a lot and I ate a lot keke! LayLay, you are too slim so you need to eat more to stay healthier and brighter! Let's see the food~! 

Here's the series of their menu. I think it'd be greater if they prepare more menus for the customers. As right now (as of my visit), their menus are stuck at the counter. So, you need to head to the counter and look at the menu and perhaps dwell on which items you gonna order on spot (like me who has always to face the unavoidable choices puzzlement). **Those items with a pink sticker at the sides are not available at the moment. (I thought the underlying implication was Chef's Recommendation. Haha)

Alright! Food is here! I think it probably just took around 15-20 mins for them to serve us our food.
Amatriciana Spaghetti (RM 19)
I really like the teeny-weeny spiciness in this dish. It makes the bolognese sauce stand out. As for the latent main role - spaghetti is slightly (just a bit) overcooked to my liking. I wish the person who cooked this could've thrown more duck bacon into it as I couldn't really nosh on it. Overall, it was quite okay to everyone's liking. Initially, I was having the Creamy Tomyam in my food bucket list, but unfortunately, it was unavailable on that day.
My face was a bit rounder than usual. Haha! Maybe, I was drinking way too much water on the night before.

Quesadilla (RM 13)
I'm not sure we were ordered the Parilla Chicken or Polar Chicken. Yet, this is not the main point. The thing is this dish is really like freaking awesome! I'd never had this Quesadilla before and not even known the real and accurate enunciation of it. The chips and sauce are not the things that kept me sounding 'MMM'! It was the triangular stuff that made me feel like in the cloud nine! Totally amazing! I saw Ejoo and LayLay ate it by dipping into the sauce. But I think the triangle stuff itself is good enough to be the soloist in the food stardom. The melted cheese (not sure which kind of cheese they use) is the comfort food to my tongue! OMO! It's indescribable, you should try it by your own.

Rosemary Chicken (RM 22)
I hope I was right that this is the Rosemary Chicken not the Cajun Chicken as I tracked back to the menu, it has the pink sticker at the side. (I know I'm not a good food writer as it is super imperative for me to know what the dishes are) I think maybe I was too busying with being a chatter-box on that day so...Keke! Maaflah! The chicken is fresh and tender in texture. But I think this dish is just merely okay in taste.
Last but not least, a wefie again! They were talking about throwing a 5P5 gathering. Hence, I think Goh Wan Theng as our class monitor should be in charged of this mentioned event. Keke! BYE~!
Taken from Nois Cafe Facebook Page
Currently, they are giving away the discount coupon, you may head to the cafe and grab one for yourself! And MERRY X'MAS!
Details of Nois Coffe & Retail Cafe
Address: The Palazzia, 97-G-5, Jalan Bukit Gambir, Penang. (you know the Gambir hill right? So, right now if you are now going down hill, it would be on your left hand side where there's a row of shop lots.)
Tel: 016-462 2109
Business Hour: 12.30pm til 1am (according to its FB but I'm not sure whether they would have the intermission within the week so make sure you phone them and ask before going ya~!) 

To date, they are having their 2nd branch and you may find the map at the below:
Taken from the Nois Cafe Facebook Page
Finally, BYE~! Aiya~! Still haven't even touched the photos from my graduation! OMG!

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