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3 Leg Cat Cafe 三脚猫 @ The Golden Triangle, Relau, Penang.

by - December 24, 2015

{3 Leg Cat Cafe 三脚猫 @ The Golden Triangle, Relau, Penang.}---Ho Ho Ho! Today's Christmas Eve! The most riveting point of today is that I do not have to work!!! Yupe, as today is the public holiday which (luckily) my company has recognized it! And I'm right now sitting and lolling on my couch, writing this blog post. I somehow really miss the time back in my university mushrooming kinda days. But I still prefer my present lifestyle. Packed and hectic; which makes me forfeit of the puzzlement that life has brought into my life. Alright, I should go to the main point of today. So, 2 of my high school buddies aka my private tutors (they taught me a lot of subjects back then for facing the SPM) came to my vicinity where they are not familiar with for lunch.

  I really understand of how perplexed they were on that day, trying to figure out where was the right direction to Bayan Lepas. Haha this is a similar case to mine a few months ago when we were doing that Spicy Noodles Challenge. I drove by myself all the way from Relau to Air Itam. You know that situation where you thought that you have cardiopathy and merely could catch your breath. I suggested to have lunch at this cafe. Some of my friends had told me that this cafe serves moderate-quality of food which is not so worthy. But you know me, I only rely on my own tastebuds. Hence, I decided to just try my luck. Let the pics tell the story itself!
Below is the menu: 
 Have you seen the cock's head? And we had a little bit of controversy over the 'Kok 2.0' term. I told them maybe they meant you need to add on RM2 for adding the extra chicken pieces. While they said that maybe it's just for implication of quoting 'Kok' for twice. Til now still a maze.

 One of the remarkable part is that they provide a space for playing the PS2 or ... ...(I'm already outdated when it comes to video game or player) I saw kids played it with fun and I persuaded Wendy to play it as well. She was too shy. *so not her!

Time for some #wefie!
 Pretended to smile but ended up the timer was being set for too long about 10s, so the true smile surfaced coz Catherini said, 'Don't you think 10s is too long for this kind of fake candid shots?'. Haha!

Here comes the food!
Carbonara (RM14)
 Not nice. The spaghetti itself is being overcooked. I was speechless for this. But this is still better than the spaghetti from US Pizza! That is even worse!

Sorry I had already forgotten the price. Just bcoz Catherini thought that we were ordering for too less of food, so she went to add on this cake and proudly acclaimed 'girls always have space for dessert!'. This cake is okay only. If you want the delicious hummingbird cake, you may go to Macallum Connoisseur for it.
 Her all time FAV- Carbonara.

 Shakshuka aka Baked Egg (RM13)
Some bloggers said that this dish is not that tempting in flavor and the choices they made in using the bread. But I personally like the flavor of this, it has a teeny hint of spiciness and the tomato is just too fragrant! I had tried the baked egg from Haven Harbour and I think that this one is better than the Haven Harbour one. As for the bread, I do not really have much objections. First thing first, I like Masshimo (although I'm not sure whether they are using this brand). Secondly, they only price this at RM13, what more should you expect? I think this is good and I'll definitely order it again.

Mr Caramelized Banana (RM12)
 This is the BEST of that day! Haha! All of us thought so too. The waffles are crunchy on the outside and moist on the inside. Smells great. As for the banana, I think it could be more caramelized. Overall, I'm quite satisfied with this dish and the price is really affordable right?

Food from the TOP! Plus Catherini's sunglasses!
This smile comes from too much of retake shots from Wendy and I were like speechless!
Hey girls! Do not forget that we still have the footage! Keke! BYE and Merry X'mas in advance!

Specially thanks to Wendy for the treat in celebration of my graduation! Kamsahamnida!

Details of 3 Leg Cat Cafe 三脚猫
Address: The Golden Triangle, 29-1-62, Jalan Paya Terubong, Relau. Bayan Lepas, 11900 Penang, Malaysia.
Tel: 012-427 3021
Business Hour: CLOSED on MON!
TUE to THU from 11am til 11pm
FRI & SAT from 11am til 12am
SUN from 11am til 11pm

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