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Hello 2016! Happy New Year! // Reflection vs Resolution

by - January 01, 2016

{Hello 2016! Happy New Year! // Reflection vs Resolution} A very good morning to every single lovely one who is reading this right now! Happy New Year of 2016! I'm really grateful and thankful towards your everlasting supports! Today, when I signed in my blogspot, I saw a massive upward view rates for my domain! I can't thank you guys enough! Without you guys, it couldn't be able to hit this high! Neomu Gomawo! So, as you can see, today's topic is very indubitable! Let's see what I gotta say on this special day - 1st Jan 2016!
All I want to say is 'Hello...Can you hear me?!', singing Adele's hit song 'Hello' for the year of 2016! 
'To Mr. 2016, hello and let's be BEST FRIEND! Please be GOOD to me! I'm just a girl!', Sammy whispered.

I just can whisper it as I don't want the others think that I'm a schizo who talks to herself. But do you believe in magic? I DO actually (despite how 'young' I'm now)! Do you know how thrilled I was (even now) when I retrospected back what did I write down on my private wishlist? Almost all of them were being ticked! So, if you think like 'Sammy is so childish, always says believe in your dreams and it'll come true, see, my dreams never do come true!', sorry guys, I could not help you! Coz all these magical and mystic moments only happen on those believer (ahem! not that Belieber aka Justin Bieber's fans ya)! Have you ever encountered the book named 'The Secret'? If YES, then continue reading and do not give up on it. If NO, you better get onto your white horse and buy one for your own sake!

Right now, I'm just gotta reveal some of my wishes that I wrote on last year which had been pulled off. Tips: I always stand in front of my window in each morning right after my long and sound sleep, put my palms onto my heart and blank my head for 3 mins. Then, I think of the things that I have and say thanks to each of every single element like my ears enable me to listen, mouth enable me to talk etc...
  1. First Class Holder for Degree - This is like every student's dream right? Even a part of me didn't really want to waste my time on wishing this to be come true as it's so hard to be achieved. For my Uni and Course that I took, past few years, there was no one who got the First Class. Hence, I did not put a lot of hope on that at first. Plus, for my 2nd year, we'd met a lot of crazy lecturers who gave us the wrong infos and contributed to our low marks for coursework! When I saw my results for 2nd year was this bad, my hope totally got turned down. But I was lucky enough to re-discover 'The Secret' again and I read it at every night before I sleep. Even my sisters are still curious why do I have to do this routine at every night before shut-eye. Haha! That's my secret! Then, I started to say 'thanks for giving me the First Class Holder position throughout my Degree journey, thank you X3' in each morning. And it really helped! Guess what?! I really got First Class! If you haven't watched it, you may watch the video on below! Do not be self-doubt, as I really haven't posted my graduation pics yet! Haha! Still have so many events and posts pending! Sorry guys!
  2. Have a nice occupation - You know, when you nearly submit all of your assignments for Degree, you will be feeling insecure and blanked. Me too! But right after I submitted my dissertation, I proclaimed to my parents saying that I was gotta give myself a month holiday, hoping they would not rush me to seek for the 'rice bowl'. I was first really perplexed coz studying Business Management is always not I wish to be. I always wanted to study graphic design but my dad had objected me. During the one month long holiday (not that long actually), I read on every single day to improve myself. Hung out with my friends and made myself full to packed with lots of activities. I started to edit a lot of videos and uploaded onto my another Youtube channel which I'll stick to it (the previous one just let it be haha I won't delete it but I won't upload any video on that channel). Feel free to subscribe my new channel if you haven't. OMG! This is my first time reveal my channel officially and asking you guys to subscribe haha! Below is my first makeup video (second actually coz the first one was being deleted by Youtube don't know why), coz lots of readers and friends asking me to do a tutorial on my blog and I think OMG?! How am I supposed to blog it so here you go the video which is easier to all parties. This is the video which I imitated IU haha!   And. I used the law of attraction to appreciate as if I had gotten a nice job, met with friendly colleagues etc... Guess what, right now I really got a quite not bad kind of job haha!
Alright, I think I had written too much! Hence, now let's jump to the Resolution part!
  1. Read more and learn more! I read from novels to magazines, it really depends on the location. If I were at home, novels would be the easiest. At GYM, fitness and beauty magazines are the only options.
  2. Stick to 'The Secret'! Be grateful & believe!
  3. Blog more and be more active on my social media platforms (it's quite hard for me to do so, if you know me well, I always blog when I got the FEEL! 'I got the feeling, that tonight's gotta be a good good night' -Black Eye Peas!
  4. Exercise more frequently - I think started from March 2015, I was being devoid of exercising. LAZINESS is one of the excuse. I just exercise once in two weeks. And still gobbling... My doctor told my parents that I need to and have to exercise on every single day. Then, my dad asked me to run in the early morning b4 work and after work! OMG! This is just too ridiculous! I'll try but I think the probability is just 0.00000000000425. Sorry dad!
  5. Chase my own dreams - I'm not gonna reveal it here as it's P&C, so let's see!
 OKAY! I'm gonna stop here! So, I wish that this post could be able to rekindle your dreams and help you to get what you want in life! Remember - Life is MAGICAL! 


Wonder Queen (Sammy).

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