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Retrospection over Dim Sum & Fruits @ Megan's house.

by - January 03, 2016

Retrospection over Dim Sum & Fruits @ Megan's house. Just a couple days ago, we went to Meg's house for a simple farewell. I still remembered, I woke up at 6am something and couldn't sleep anymore. Decided to walk down to my living room, playing my laptop instead on the 1st day of 2016. I think this farewell was quite random and casual coz we still did not have a final plan until 10am something right after Megan woke up from her sleep. We usually connect with one another by using WeChat, so we just kinda had some conversations on WeChat. I even asked her should I garb myself in a prettier way or just like a housewife. After I took my shower and donned in my most casual wear (just Tee and boyfriend jeans in case you wanna know), I drove myself to her house by using the 'Long Bui Shua'. That was my 2nd time and the only problem was I do not know how to go to her house. Called her but no answer which forced me by no choice but to follow my luck and feel. Fortunately...
Thanks to that aunt who gave me that inspiration to find the correct direction! Keke! So, we had our late brunch together with her family. Thanks her parents for buying us the traditional Dim Sum. I enjoyed it so much but not for that chicken feet! So scary! The black colour one was the corn Pau. 

Then, we had so much of post-meal fruits!

After that, me and ZiQiong (as Ejoo had gone to her next event) sat beside of Meg to see her packing her luggage. She brought a lot of packed cotton pads along! Haha! Then, I asked her to lend me our school magazine of 2010 coz I haven't gone there to collect it yet. 3 of us gathered around and gossiped over the magazine. I still could not stand for my own past look. OMG! Haha! Contrite to not be able to go to the airport to see her the last time coz I was just starting to have my 1st bite of dinner. But, tomorrow never dies right? And chances are, I'll be visiting to her place as well in this year! We did not have our wefie as to how we dressed up and I even wore my glasses without even applying any skin care on my face! Imagine how natural I was haha!

This was taken on last year X'mas. Alright, I'll update soon! BYE!

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