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Christmas Gift Exchange Party 2015 @ office

by - January 11, 2016

{Christmas Gift Exchange Party 2015 @ office} Sorry guys for the late update on my X'MAS 2015 party! I had just uploaded one video onto my Youtube channel two days ago. Recently, I'm so tired and exhausted in resulting devoid of updates on my blog. Plus, the day before yesterday I was only being allowed to sleep for merely 2 hours due to my friend's wedding. I think I'll only update this wedding on next month coz I have too much things to update and my friends are rushing me to upload their parts first! OMG! Now back to today's main topic. My office had waged the annual Christmas gift exchange party. And we used the internet which I could not tell you the apps further as I really could not recall back the name of it to draw the name who is going to be your gift receiver. I was so 'lucky' to draw the person who I did not know much about him/her and did not privide any wish list. OMG! Then, simplicity comes to my rescue. Haha! Alright, I think I shall just let the pics tell you the story.

She's Iping and she is just so cute that she even brought the X'mas festive headband and garbed it on. She received the gift from Alabuji (aka Kelvin) and she was so shocked after realizing that the gift which was a sweater for miniature kiddo. So, she did not have choice but to accept it and gave to her son.

She's Venessa and I super like this pic as it somehow resembled to the cover for Disney Cartoon. Bicycle mask from Kwek and the light bulb she stared in was Ken's.

By using your bare eyes, I don't think you could see what his gift is. It's a study lamp from 'Hoot aka Buddha'. A little speechless kind of gift haha!

Kwek's gift was even more ridiculous than Ken's. She got one Rilakkuma pencil case plus RM20 cash wrapped in the Chinese Ang Pau (red envelope) from BOSS.

Yan got the hand cream from Iping. I think this is better and safer kind of present haha!

Alabuji Kelvin, a super fan of Si Ye Cao (Joyce Chu). He's a bit like an odd ball as you can see he did the special thing by wearing the headband as his necklace. He received the Iphone 6S Plus cover from Uncle Daniel.

'Hoot'(just the enunciation of Buddha in Hokkien) aka Buddha, received a multi-function bag from Yan.

*These photos were wholly taken by my Oppo N3. Coz a lot of readers had misunderstood that I were using the selfie camera (zi pai shen qi).
As for lunch, we ordered the US Pizza to try. And here you go! I did not filter the below photos coz I don't think they deserve to be polished haha! It's not tasty at all! A million of NAY for them! 
They said that only the cinnamon sticks are toothsome.
Due to the hot weather, I decided not to eat pizza and opted for their spaghetti. What I can say is this was one of the items on the baddest spaghetti list that I'd ever eaten before. Honestly, I couldn't finish it! But I did not want to squander my $$$, hence....

In a nutshell, this is how we celebrated our X'MAS party.

Dinner of Christmas Eve - we joined the neighbourhood annual X'MAS party on 24th Dec 2015 night. My dad prepared his famous curry chicken with rice. He was so delighted when receiving compliments on his food and there was only left a bit in his pot. The food there was multifarious including KFC, spaghetti, laksa, kuih-muih, cakes, Chinese traditional dessert and etc. I just took my part and headed back into my house as I wanted to watch the Victoria Secret's Runway Fashion Show 2015! Kendall is so pretty! OMG!

This was my X'MAS lunch. Originally, I had an outing with my collegemates but one of them could not make it that's why I changed my plan. Went to join my 2nd sis friends and one of them bought us the duck rice from Sunshine Square Market. OMG it remains its deliciousness! I eat it ever since I was in primary school. I missed that flavor and it did not let me down! Quality reserved! But the chicken is a bit to hard and not nice! So, if you want to try it, just order the duck will do. And do not forget to ask for their chili sauce coz I think this is the best one thus far!

Alright! I need to say GOODBYE now! Adieu!

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