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Kelly's Wedding Dinner // Far Far Away from HOME!

by - January 17, 2016

Kelly's Wedding Dinner // Far Far Away from HOME! // Why did I say far far away from my home? Then, you shall stay tune and ferret out! I think I'll start from the very beginning. Back in last year, Kelly had already indicated she would be married on this Jan 2016. I was like 'Oh my guess in all these years are correct, she's the first one from us to get tied of knot'! Initially, I could not make it on the next day as her 'jimui - sisters of wedding' but WenPeng kept calling me and asking me to join her! Then, the story of this title would be begun!

I still remembered that it was on last Friday and I still got to work. Received a call from WenPeng in the early morning while back in office. Went back home rushing picked up some clothes during my lunch hour. Everything was so last minute. Fortunately, I did not omit anything. I even did my makeup in office by just utilizing less than 30 mins. OMG! Tadaa transformation!
Vicky and Sharene arrived here by 6.30pm something and we carpooled to the destination by using waze (am I right?). I was feeling so sick coz I always hate to travel on the Penang Bridge. Then, we reached the conjested town area and jammed for almost 45 mins only reached. A thing I need to highlight is that I even did Vicky's makeup onboard. Haha! New challenge for me.

The place called Jing Man Lou 金满楼 at Simpang Ampat which is pretty far from island.

I think you will be boomed by our selfies and wefies!
Me and Vicky. Her makeup done by me is quite nice right?!

I. My. Me. Mine.

Sharene and Me.

Me and Wen Peng.

And so the FOOD is coming! I don't really remember their sequence but I'll tell you how they taste like.
We like this plate the most! 冷盘 where you would have lots of bite-size food to choose from. My FAV is the middle one. I think it's the jellyfish with Kalabu sauce, quite spicy and I like it! As for the 1pm angle dish, it's like a dumpling wrapped in the scallops and minced meat; nice as well. At the 10am angle, we have the mini hotdog wrapped with bacon; yum. The other two I did not taste it.

I did not eat this as the lunch on that day was literally flooded by fish in my tummy already. But Vicky said it's a little bit fishy smell.

I think this is nice as well! I like mushrooms!

This is like HOLY delicious! One side is chicken and another one is duck. Both are being cooked perfectly as you could taste the juicy texture and the crispy skin! JJANG!

I believe everyone go to a Chinese style wedding would mainly aim for this! But this is not that toothsome and delectable as it is devoid of ingredients. Or maybe that person who allotted this had given me less ingredients and more broth?! Who knows?

I still remembered that this is the last dessert dish. I expected it would be red bean soup or lotus soup but... HAHA this is great too! The fritter ball is so fresh and not greasy at all with nice filling. Yet, for the square one, a bit strange to my tastebud coz it's cold and I think the centre is red bean paste, lotus paste if I'm not mistaken. The outer wrap is like the jello mooncake kind of texture.

We just had a few teaspoon of this. Then, no storyline already! Actually, it's good but just we were too fulled.

Herewith the pics with the bride!

Crazy Wefie together!

After the feast, Vic and Sharene had gone back home and I had to stay there... I was so tired and like a walking dead with a blank mind. So, I encountered this flower...

Wen Peng joined me as well.
We arrived at Kelly's house at 10.45pm something and stayed there for a night. We only slept in at 3am and woke up at 5am. I'll show you how I looked like with just 2hrs sleep on the next post perhaps! BYE!

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