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Eataliano @ Burmah Road, Pulau Tikus, Penang.

by - January 18, 2016

{Eataliano @ Burmah Road, Pulau Tikus, Penang.} Alright, sorry for late update ya! Coz Meg was rushing me on Wechat lately pertaining to this outing update haha! Here you go! I need to admit that this was happened back in last year of 2015, I think it was on 27 Dec'15 to be particular. Actually, this outing was kinda impromptu as we had just discussed that 3-4 days before the actual date. I'm so glad to hang out with you guys (but still left out 2 members)! So, let's start with the sneak peek of our lunch!

Was asking them, 'do you guys prefer filming video to taking photos?'. They claimed both with reason of liking to read my all-time long story tales and they said that it's impossible for me to keep filming of all moments. Thus, I remain doing both which means please anticipate for the footage of us doing silly things together haha! Don't rush me ya! I prioritize quality over quantity one ya! Keke! So, on that day, after taking my morning bath and donning myself up, I drove my own car to Qiong's house. The moment I started my engine, I felt strange on the steering. It was tighter than usual. But I did not think too much and kept driving to the destination. Parked my car at the roadside nearby Qiong's house, I stepped down and walked towards my tyre. The driver side was all good. Walked towards the passenger's side and BOOM! I saw it became flat and so I used my foot to give it a kick and it felt like a tofu! HAHA! After being conscious, I thought it could be my end of the world! Doomsday! Coz my father is normally pretty outgoing and open-minded to almost everything but when it comes to CAR, one word- DEAD! He's utterly particular with cars. I saw him infuriated at my sisters with some car problems. I was really freaked out and walked into her house. Sat down with them at the dining table and told them what happened to my car. They provided me some solutions but after taking 10 mins of lingering on my mind. I decided to hold my braveness and call my dad to spit the truth. Luckily, he did not angry at me maybe it was due to my high credits and persuasiveness. I told I wasn't sure what to do next and he asked me to park my car there and he would come and fetch me back.

Fortunately, Qiong's bro stepped out and assisted me. He helped me to replace it with my spare tyre (not my belly tummy ya). A million time isn't enough for thanking him! Okay, maybe you'd be like, hey are you gonna end your story? Say what? This is my blog k! Haha! But nothing to say already so let's see the pics... haha!

Each time I pass the road, I see this cafe. Hence, I suggested them to have a try on this. I found out that the reviews on its FB page were all positive which triggered me even more. This location has been frequently changed the landlord, I think it links to its Feng Shui. Call me silly but I'm gonna prove you wrong. I really do believe in this Feng Shui after plenty of issues my dad previously dealt with and Feng Shui saved him. This place is actually quite hard to find parking especially in this sweltering perfect weather to cook a sunny side-up egg for breaky. Here you go its simple and straight menu.
The front-line waiter told us that this is their latest add-on menu.

After footing the bill at the counter, we sat at the ground floor. Initially, we wanted to go upstairs and dine but the waiter said it'd be hot on the upstairs. He handed us the bottle of water.
Matcha Latte (RM7)
When it comes to matcha/green tea, please link your mind to our Lady Meg! I did not try it coz I am always being banned to have green tea or green bean (way to cold for my ovary). I think it'd neither +ve or -ve based on my memory calling back how Meg's facial expressed. Haha!

Mixed Berries Mojito (RM9)
When it comes to something strange and odd, please link your mind to Qiong. I don't know, I just taste its soda flavor. Not my cup of drink! Keke! But it's definitely instagram-worthy!

Cajun Smoked Duck Spaghetti (RM17)
I think this is so YUM! Met al dente texture, sauce is excellently mixed. What else should I say? Just go and try it for your own sake! Haha! But the smoked duck is a bit too springy and chewy.

Smoked Salmon Avocado & Tomato Salsa, Lemon Aioli, Romaine Panini (RM16)
I think the only tasty part is the wedges part. It's crispy on the outside and warm mushy on the inside! But for the one should've stolen the limelight, the panini is somewhat dry and hard. The filling is not captivating and reminding me of KFC's famous coleslaw! Haha! So, you got what I portrayed? If you go, I recommend you to not order the Panini but the others are excellently cooked and tasted!

Duck Stroganoff Risotto (RM18)
My chingus called this 'loh mai kai -a signature dimsum'! haha! Maybe a fusion one! I think this is really delectable! I like the springy texture of the rice and the flavor is really noteworthy. The duck pieces are something void of though. Maybe, they can dish it more. I seriously think it's amazing as I even went there the next week and ordered almost the same dishes and this was one of them on my order! JJANG!

Mix Berries Waffle (RM13)
When you are feeling woebegone and drowsy, this could probably light up your dimmed life! This is my favourite out of this cafe! The waffle itself carries such fragrant smell and texture. Crunchy yet the inside is not that dry but moist! The ice cream scooped on top is YUM and the fresh cream right? Matched so well together as you put all of these elements into your mouth! I went back there the next week and re-ordered this again! This is so riveting! I uploaded this waffle onto my Instagram and ppl secretly asked me where it is! Coz this looks so beautiful!

OK, food pics ended. Now begin with our pics! What Meg was anticipating about...haha
How does it taste?

Nah, your pics!

While having Ejoo as the photographer... ... no need to fake for candid coz these are real ones!
A normal one... Thank GOD!
Abnormal again!

The lighting there is not that good so both of them required me to help take photos again! Haha!
Ant waist Ha Ji Won!

The one who does well in CANDID SHOTS! keke!

The one and only together pic! Still have 2-3 but they are blurred.

Details of Eataliano Cafe
Address: 381, Jalan Burmah, Pulau Tikus, Penang. (the first corner lot at traffic light of the T-junction. You can park your vehicles further Baskin Robbin roadside.)
Tel: 04-218 9558
Business Hour: 11am-10pm (Everyday EXCEPT WED!) 

Tadaa!!! Finally get to try this! But first, let me continue my granny long story... So, we switched our direction to Paragon Mall and we walked the way to Gurney Plaza. As I walked on the pavement, I felt strange on my left foot (not sure it was left or right?). The sole had been detached. OMG! Wait for the VLOG then you'll see! I quickly bought the sandal for coming to my rescue. Then, we headed off to this newly-opened Hong Kong famous roadside dessert - Eggette Lab (蛋仔工坊) @ Gurney Plaza ... I really like the package, so KAWAII! I saw lots of my friends had tried it and they said it's YUM so we wanna to try it as well. Ha ji won said she tried it b4 and thought so-so. Haha! Lady Meg is so intelligent when it comes to ordering, she asked for extra crispy. Haha! Ended up it's really crispy to my liking! But we have to wait for 10-15mins due to long queue. Fortunately, the Pandan one was finished so... ...(I don't know why lady meg wanted the Pandan flavor.) We ordered the mixed one, a combo of original and charcoal cheese.
GUYS! This is so YUMMY! See how I use the Capital letter to outline it! The charcoal cheese is so delicious, I like the saltiness of the cheese!

Details of Eggette Lab (蛋仔工坊):
Address: not sure on details but I can tell you it was on the same floor as GSC cinema and right at the opposite of it. Next to MeiShi Zhi Jia.

Then, we headed to play 'Ding Ding' right after being the secret SPIES (only they know what I meant)! They played this rock n roll game and we had our Japanese selfies as well!

Tadaa! Back to Qiong's house and discussed how to separate it into 5! I'm quite impressed on the quality! It's totally funny yet worthwhile! See, we got BIG eyes!

Meanwhile~ Qiong gave us the souvenirs from Vietnam including cashew nuts which she wrapped in kitchen tissue and coffee which is super YUM! Kamsahamnida unnie! Apink member's doppelganger! haha!

Lovely Meg gave us her self-written love letter plus a hand cream! NICE Gomawo!

Back to the selfies!
I'm really happy to meet you guys in my lifetime (including the other 2 who absent). To be specific, it's Siao Kia Group! Really sad  that Lady Meg is now back in her Aussie already! We have no fate to be 7-wholly in this year d! Haha! But sincerely look forward to the next catch-up with the others who will be in PNG! BYE! Stay tuned for video!

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