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[Review] Althea Korea Beauty & Cosmetic Haul 2016 + How to

by - January 12, 2016

[Review] Althea Korea Beauty & Cosmetic Haul 2016 + How to // So, I chanced upon this online Korea beauty website - and bought a lot of stuffs! Veritably, I ordered this back in last year of 2015 right 2 weeks (or more) before Christmas as I wanted to give myself some X'MAS gifts after realizing that Santa is fully packed with his schedule, probably. Haha! The website stated everyone would be receiving their orders within 10-15 working days. But mine was taken way longer than the given period. To be honest, I was quite disappointed and irate at first as I still haven't got my parcel even after the X'MAS festive occasion. But after I calmed myself down, I'm feeling better now haha! Atleast I got it on the last day of 2016. Let's get started!
Still remembered going back home and Jackson helped me to open the front door and told me there was a parcel with my name on. I was like literally hopping up and down! I still managed to hold my bursting of happiness and waited for my 2nd sis named Karen back and unwrapped with her.

I really luxuriate in how they decorated the box and even the plastic bags on the outside into such a festive and glamorous feeling.

A late box of Christmas gift for ourselves! PS: I think my recent posts were all in themed of reddish X'MAS!

At that time I ordered this, they held a game of 'Fly me to Korea' for those lucky ones to grab a chance to head to KOREA! Too sad and dismaying that my number wasn't the one...sob sob but never mind! I deserve better! Haha! #positivevibes

This is the free gift from them.

As you open it, you will see all of your stuffs are wrapped and protected in that kind of 'popping' wraps which I don't really know what it called.

Below items are not sponsored and are bought and ordered by me! But these items are all under the discounted category.
Pig-Nose Clear Black Head 3-Step Kit (RM7)

Guerisson 9 Complex Crem (recently in Malaysia is such a hit!) (RM46)

Jeju Volcanic Pore Foam (RM27)

Peri's Tint Water 01. Cherry Juice (RM23)

Peri's Tint Crayon 04. Hot Pink & 03. Orange (RM28 each)

Etude House Play 101 Pencil 01. Creamy (RM20)

Holika Holika Jewel Light Waterproof Eyeliner #Black Gem (RM16)

So far this was like a test for me to see the lay of the land. I believe that I'll re-order it again! And their customer service is so speedy and efficient. A round of applause to Daniel from Althea as he was the one who replied my inquiry of the reason for me not getting my parcel yet! So, if you encounter with issues like mine, you may just directly contact their customer service -

Right now, I'm going to teach you guys (those first-timer) in how to buy it online. Hope it helps! And I'll upload a video as well by this week (if possible, hope so!).
1. Sign Up first

2. Welcome on board and right now you may enjoy your time to shop! You just have to add the items that you like into your trolley aka cart by clicking the graphic of trolley.
After you click the trolley, this will pop up and telling you that you had already added it into your cart and you may opt for continue shopping or go to your shopping cart to check whether there's someone who steals your items from your cart (if the items are super sought-after and only have few available.)

3. After you selected the items that you fond of, you may now proceed to your 'CHECKOUT'.
 After you clicked in the 'CHECKOUT', this page would be shown. You just have to check and update (if you want to amend anything) the billing address (where the parcel would be sent to), shipping method and also the payment method (I normally use Debit card).
Be sure to check out your order review as well where you could double confirm which items you had added and the quantity and also the most important one the PRICE! So if Althea has provided the coupon code, you may also to add it into the column of 'Coupon Code'. Last time I used the X'MAS code and got to enjoy the discount. After confirmation, you may press 'Place Order'.

4. The last step is actually to fill up your details of your card payment. But be careful not to key in the wrong info ya!

5. They will send you the email telling you that your order is succeeded. THE END! So, you just have to wait for your parcel to come.

6. Just in case, if you had waited for such a long period and still did not get yours... You could send email to // below is my example:
And they replied me the next day... Pretty efficient right?

So far, really provides such a good and amicable service. The only thing to improve is to expedite and find some solutions to reinforce the delivery during festive occasions. Alright! I'll stop at here BYE!

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