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[Event] White Sensation Party @ Soju Penang

by - January 06, 2016

[Event] White Sensation Party @ Soju Penang I was being invited to this event about a month ago. And I wanna to share my experience herewith as this was actually my first time ever been to this kind of club. Originally, I wanted to reject this invitation as I don't really take any invitation (bad experience by a However, my 3rd sis really wanted to go, so I accepted it. Haha! When my college mates knew that I went to this place, they were like WeChat me saying 'Aiyo! Grown up d. Bojio!' something like that. I just wanna clarify that I'm not asking you (especially some of the readers are still under 18-year-old) to go to this kind of place okay! Make it clear here! Just, I'd never been to this place and just wanna TRY! Another reason was my age is aging now...haha!
Even though the organizer did send me some pics to feature on my blog but I'm gonna start with the shots that I captured. I even had recorded footage. Haha!
The PR manager told us that this concept is inspired by the clubs from western country. Those model or better known as burlesque will have their makeup on in these boxes. They even stroke a pose for me to snap.

I went there a bit too earlier, thus we did our best to take pics!

In their toilet, there's man pics on each door. Haha!

We got to enjoy the cocktail party an hour before the party started. To be honest, I just had one sip. My 3rd sis drank 3-5 glasses of this!

This is my favourite! Eat clean but you also need oil to balance your diet.

Since the organizer allowed me to bring along 4 guests, so... They are Ms. Strawberry and Ms. Carrot (Karen haha!)

My bro from another mama and my sis from the same mama!

This girl drank so much alcohol on that day!

Photo with the organizers.

This is not my STYLE! Haha! It's not mine, it's given by a waitress. It'd be more precise if I said I was forced to accept this drink coz she just directly walked towards me and handed me this haha!

He knew that I was taking a shot of him so he did his pattern and ended up over pouring the alcohol in this glass.

Another blogger.

Performance got started!
She is so beautiful!

Accidentally met my primary school friend. She is now a journalist.

This guy sings so well like Ne-Yo! I really think that this was not how I expected it would be as a CLUB. I thought CLUB would be like very noisy and the people there would be very disgusting and dancing with some nauseous moves. But right here, the people were pretty calm and more like a concert. I prefer this kind of CLUB to how it supposed to be.

I just don't know why the stage became into the sorta Miss Universe condition!

This is not how to think it was! He was the guest and was asked to go up and dance and he started to ....
This guy was so LUCKY! I hope he won't see this post but I'm just gonna reveal the truth behind this LUCK! He was on his bday on that day and his friends wanted to give him a surprise by asking the performers to pretend and ask him and other 'calefe-starlets' up stage to free dance. But the performer said 'I like this guy and I want you to stay here and dance with us a little longer!'. Thus, he was being blindfolded and the girl dancer first approached him and dance with him. Suddenly, she switched with another male dancer and he danced around him so closely and I think he kissed him at the end. After that, the girl dancer quickly ran there and pretended that it was her from the beginning til the end. When he was not being blindfolded, the performer asked him happy or not and he said HAPPY! He did not know the truth!

We did not stay here for too long just maybe from 9pm til 12am. Then we headed home. My 3rd sis has been drunk! And she danced with the beats at the club and asked me to join her! I was like! I really like this laser so much! Seemed like a secret agent going on a mission! Haha! Probably got killed by this laser!

So, my part is ended here. Downwards are pics and passage provided by the organizer. BYE!

Michelle of Cash Band and dance performer Reyn (above) during their act on stage.
Michelle of Cash Band belting out a song during her performance.
Mario as the Super Soju Robot on fire with his guitar act.
The sensational Magma Girls showing off their svelte moves.
DJ Princess Joana exudes a contagious energy while spinning the decks on stage.
DJ Princess Joana was in her element, producing infectious music beats to keep the dance floor moving.
Clubbers having the time of their lives at the White Sensation party at Soju Penang.
 Romanian performer Mario on stilts, posing with invited guests at the party.

DEC 23, 2015
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                                     


GEORGE TOWN: Clubbers had the ultimate holiday party experience at Soju Penang’s White Sensation Party featuring a stellar line-up of international entertainment acts.

Inspired by the worldwide Sensation phenomenon, the party on Saturday night (19/12) was brimming with invited guests and party-goers dressed in their best white outfits.

The energy remained high and strong the entire time as the entertainers sang, dance and interacted with the appreciative crowd.

Taking the stage first was the highly popular outfit Cash Band whose exhilarating performances provided for a solid party experience to the clubbers.

In delivering upbeat and vivacious renditions of familiar hit songs, the band’s vocalists surprised the audience with their spot-on impersonations of famous pop stars.

Michelle and Ais dressed as Jennifer Lopez and Lady Gaga respectively while Stephen’s Beyoncé and Mickey’s Iggy Azalea impressions prompted the crowd to go wild in excitement and amusement.

The party-goers were left transfixed by the fabulous Filipino boy dance group Men on Heels who effortlessly added spice to the Soju dance floor.

Through their well-coordinated moves, the three dancers took the stage by storm as they strutted their stuff wearing high heels, much to the awe of the audience.

Their act was accompanied by the dancing routines of Reyn, Valentine and Mario.

The sizzling dance group Magma Girls from Ukraine gyrated to the music, enthralling the audience with their svelte moves before special guest DJ Princess Joana’s appearance.

The excitement soared when the much-awaited DJ from Indonesia took control of the decks and began spinning contagious and energetic EDM beats.

DJ Princess Joana, who once graced the cover of FHM Indonesia, raised her hands in the air to the music and exuded an infectious energy to the dance floor.

Mario of Romania as the Super Soju Robot was also on hand to thrill the crowd with his fiery guitar act.

Soju’s resident DJs also cranked up funky beats to keep the party-goers on their feet all night and until the wee hours of the morning.

At the same time, stunning laser lighting displays beautifully illuminated the audience and the club’s interior.

Soju Penang is part of the Soju chain of entertainment clubs managed by Penang-based entertainment group Worldwide Platinum Records.

Soju Penang
B2, Entertainment City,
Penang Times Square,
10150 Penang, Malaysia
Opening hours: Mon – Sat (9pm – 3am)
Reservation contacts: 012-556 5876 / 04-210 3082

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