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Christmas Cupcake Baking Workshop @ At 19 Culinary Studio, Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur.

by - November 29, 2016

Christmas Cupcake Baking Workshop @ At 19 Culinary Studio, Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur.

Christmas is just around the corner! OMG! Time really chimes at a high speed. Today, I'm gonna share with you guys my personal "heart-2-heart" (why does it sound so serious and sentimental?) experience of attending to this joyous Christmas Red Velvet Cupcakes Baking Workshop @ At 19 Culinary Studio.

**The vlog of that day + KL Wanderlust vlog are coming soon~ (OMG! I still have a lot of pending YouTube videos to upload~ Damn! My tortoise kinda speed WiFi! Haha!)

My Group of the day~ From the left: a girl named Sammy, Yin Yin, Dashindra & Eros.

What is At 19 Culinary Studio 🎂 ?

At 19 Culinary Studio is a place for you to shine through your hidden baking talents. I know a lot of people like to bake (especially when you see the intoxicating instagram feed of cakes and desserts foodporn), but almost 80% and above of them do not know how to kick start the whole process. At 'At 19 Culinary Studio', you'll learn all of the 101 baking techniques from their professional chef instructors. As the parents, if you wanna bridge your relationship with your children, you should go for At 19 Culinary Studio as they also provide not only cooking & baking classes but also PARTIES for you! Be it a friendship boding or a family bonding, At 19 Culinary Studio is always a good option!

Alright! Let's start our 'nanny' story (I'll try to not write a lot for today okay?! haha!)
After being assigned to our own team, the instructor named Suraiyah guided us step by step in baking the Red Velvet cupcakes. To be real honest, I haven't tried to bake the Red Velvet before as I prefer eating cheesecakes haha! Hence, this was a really good chance for me to discover the unexplored Red Velvet in my Wonder Dictionary. As you can see, Dashindra was stirring the chocolate, food colouring together with the boiling water + vanilla extract + milk as per instruction.

Our teacher was guiding us on how to mix and beat the eggs with the cream butter. She highlighted some of the fundamental must-know baking tips on that day like you have to beat the eggs one by one to maintain its quality.

I think this was Eros based on observing his attire haha! 

After mixing everything, we have to spoon the mixture into the cupcake cases until 3/4. Another tip here given by teacher - the underlying reason for 3/4 not til touching the brim is that the cake will be raised up. Hence, we have to give them the space to raise, or else your cupcakes will be like the fatal Volcanic Eruption haha! See Yan Yan was spooning it carefully, what a good wife material!

But you have to be careful not to smear it like this yo~ Haha! We were too hungry at that time so our hands were like shaking... haha! Suraiyah did not even have her proper lunch on that day!!! 

Okay! Before sending our babies into the oven, #wefie #bakingsquad haha! Alright, I think I have to introduce more details on the characteristics of my teammates to you right?! 

Let's start with Eros since he stood next to me, I think he has a hidden lively character. Am I right 😜? Coz I found that he is quite humorous sometimes haha! Next, Dashindra is the person who makes me and Yin Yin realized how 'young' we are 😒 haha! She's only 19!!! Ok, I'm 16! Hi unni! Haha ☺️! She is cute and bubbly. And SHE SPEAKS MANDARIN!!! Me and Yin Yin even purposely talked in English to her haha! (BTW, you should check out her YouTube Makeup Tutorial!!!) At last, our teacher Yin Yin! Haha! Not the baking teacher but music teacher! She's also a really funny person which you might not know by just looking at her serious face 😝. Haha! Really very nice to meet you guys! If you guys come to PNG, remember to tell me ya~

That's Tammy!!! And I'm Sammy!!! And the girls at the back said that they wanted to be the photobombs at the back ⁉️! BTW, thanks to Tammy for the invitation! 😁

It's time to make fondant!

 Yes, this is Suraiyah aka our lovely baking instructor. She's very nice, cute and caring. ❤️

 By Ms Suraiyah~

By Ms Sammy but Tammy said this looked like a duck and Yin Yin thought this was the chicken little~ This is a snowman lah wey 😖! Haha! 

By Ms Suraiyah again but ended up being mine~ Keke! #evil #laughters 😏

By Ms Yin Yin, she's so talented as she turned those cacing-alike to this! 

After cooling the cupcakes, it's time to decorate it with our cream cheese mixture! 

By Eros, he even asked me whether I knew what it was haha! What do you guys think? This is the bear from LINE! 

It's time to get mine! It smelled really good! 

Mine~ But the embellishments of the front two was being stolen from Yan Yan and Suraiyah haha! 😝  

 My Hello Kitty~ 😻

Yin Yin's masterpiece and she took quite awhile to capture her masterpiece haha! 

 Paparazzi all around the cupcakes!
It's time to go home babies~ But now in our tummies d~ Maybe in the toilet d haha~ 

Yan Yan with her babies~ 

 Me with mine~
Coz Dashindra said another one, another one so this pose came out haha! 

A bit blurred but who cares~  

Alright, it's a wrap!!! Merry Christmas and BYE!!!

Details of At 19 Culinary Studio:
Address: No. 19 Jalan Dungun, Damansara Heights, 50490 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: 016-3778 236

#butterflymsia #at19culinary

**This is an invited event.

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