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TWICE NAYEON "TT" Makeup + Hairdo Tutorial 트와이스 나연 "티티" 메이크업 娜璉|韓星仿妝教學

by - November 14, 2016

{YouTube} TWICE NAYEON "TT" Makeup + Hairdo Tutorial 트와이스 나연 "티티" 메이크업 娜璉|韓星仿妝教學


Here to watch it!


Hello! Sammy's here! This is another KPOP wannabe series as per requested by my female subscribers, perhaps? Haha! Or are you a guy? Haha! I really like this song "TT" from twice! So, I'm here to present to you another Kpop cover makeup tutorial. The last one was IU's haha! SO funny~ If you like it, please give me a THUMBS-UP and SUBSCRIBE to my channel for more~ Kamsahamnida~

I'm not 100% saying that this is exactly the same but at least I'm using the same colour of the makeup and also the attire right? Please enjoy~ And I love you, TWICE & TWUYU & NAYEON and almost all of the members haha~ Ok, my fav is still Suzy though~ BTW, sorry for not uploading any videos last week! Which means this week is gonna have 2!!! Stay Tuned!

Speechless now so let's dismiss...haha! BYE!

Who's your FAV member from TWICE?





我來自馬來西亞檳城,我叫陈真善美, 我說的是馬來西亞華語、福建話。是其中一名馬來西亞查某哈哈!算是個菜鳥上班族,小資女。喜歡分享生活點滴,那麽老的時候看回自己的影片就會很方便。哈哈!是個哈韓一族、也喜歡自學韓語、減肥、瘦身、健康飲食、健身、去淘寳網買東買西的、研究化妝和髮型等等。我最有成就感的是可以從65KG減到45KG(减肥瘦身了20公斤)。会在这里分享更多的减肥瘦身不复胖,无反弹的心得与秘诀。我也是很喜歡吃辣的~記得訂閲小女哦!

I'm from Penang, Malaysia, considered as a rookie worker, small budget girl. Like to share the things happen in my life so that I could be able to retrospect it better by watching my own channel during my older time (a grandmother). Haha! I'm also a KPOP fan who likes self-learning Korean, weight loss, fitness, surfing to do the best jobs of being an impulsive buyer, learning makeup and hairdo. Remarkable one, I LOVE eating spicy food~


Inspired by:
Another Twice Nayeon's Inspired Makeup:
Twice Nayeon Makeup Tutorial Cute version:

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