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5 marvelous Christmas gift or present ideas for your loved ones on this Christmas 2016!!! Let's make a wishlist for the Christmas Angel!

by - November 25, 2016

5 marvelous Christmas gift or present ideas for your loved ones on this Christmas 2016!!! Let's make a wishlist for the Christmas Angel! 

Alright, right now I'm carrying a half-sad-half-merry kinda vibes while writing this blog post. Why sad? This implies that 2017 is coming and the amount of candles being stuck on our birthday cake will be increased by 1 unit. WTH! Why merry? Why should I be sad? Sorry, I always have this kind of contradicting mood. But after all, life is still going on, come hell or high water right? I rather choose to be happy coz Christmas is HERE! As a Malaysian Chinese, I prefer Christmas to Chinese New Year somehow. I'm not alone when it comes to this statement as all of my family members or my friends are all on the same board. 

There are many underlying reasons of why I like LOVE Christmas! I'm not sure why but Christmas does give me that kind of soothing vibes, it somehow inspires me. For example, it inspires me to grab my baking kits and bake my favourite cheese cakes with that cute Japanese apron on me. Haha! 

Okay, this year I'm so honoured to get collaborated with the Printcious - “Print Your Precious Gifts”. Okay in case you don't know what Printcious is...

What is Print...Cious?
"Printcious is a play on word “Printing” and “Precious” which is where our catch phrase “Print Your Precious Gifts”. We hope that our customers are happy no matter they are giving our customised gifts to someone or receiving customised gifts from someone, as we always believe that "Giving with Art is Giving with Heart”!"                           -Printcious

You may just click the direct link above to know more about Printcious. This company has won numerous awards and being featured on a long list of promising newspapers. I really like this idea. We don't have to be happy only if we receive the gifts from someone. Giving with our hearts is something better right? This is somehow related to the law of attraction. You'll receive more only if you give more to the others. I know it's getting kinda complicated here but...haha! ok, back to the topic, I think we should make it different for this Christmas 2016. Hey, we can send some heartwarming and creative gifts or presents to our loved ones right?!

Why Christmas angel? Coz whenever I think of Christmas, it somehow leads me to a cupid angel. Instead of calling it as a cupid angel which sounds like Valentine's day more, I call it as Christmas Angel! Haha!

Here's the 5 marvelous ideas on Christmas gift selection for your lovers, hubby, father, mother, sisters, brother, the one that you secretly adore but you don't dare to tell him or her, whoever that you like to surprise them with your gifts!

1) How about a customized Tee / T-shirt? That's really special right? Let's imagine, if we receive the special customized Tee / T-shirt from the others. Tears will be lingered in our eyes right? If you think that you are not an excellent designer, you may always opt for those Printcious self-customized ready designed Tee which you won't find it from anywhere else. Their T-shirt is 100% made of polyester which is suitable for all activities including exercising. You can buy for your mom, dad or even your lover as they have the couple Tee as well!

Yes, I did like this design. "MOM - Master of Multitasking", this quote is so remarkable.

 2) A customized Mug. When you start to work in an office, you will need a mug like me! Seriously! My office is really cold which it makes me feel like I'm working in an igloo. I always make my own hot coco or sometime Milo or ginger tea to keep me warm. And you often will get stressed of work, so if you use a really special customized mug in between your looming works, you'll feel warm and relieved.
MRS. ALWAYS RIGHT - if you are a boy, you can buy for your baby girl on this Christmas. Telling her that she's always right! Haha!

3) A Customized cushion? This little cushion can be used in a living room, bedroom, office or even on a car. I don't know about you but I always have to hug a pillow so that I could feel safe and sound haha! They can use this gift on Christmas while watching the Christmas movie or drinking a cup of warm coco with marshmallow soak inside.

MR. RIGHT - if you are admiring a guy, this is the day! It's time for you to speak up in this Christmas! Gift him this in purpose of proposing how you feel about him. You have to grab your love and happiness before it's gone!

4) A customized iPhone casing. Hey, I've got some friends are getting married on the year-end which is near to Christmas. I think by gifting them a set of wedding cum Christmas gift is just NICE right? Save $$$! I'll choose to gift each of them a special iPhone casing in themed of newlywed. 
This is very nice right?!

5) A set of customized jigsaw Puzzle game. If you are the parents and you have a child, you can opt for customizing a set of puzzle for them to have fun on in festive season. They would find it interesting and shocked after seeing their own picture appearing in the puzzle. Haha!

Isn't it cute?

You may also refer to Gifts for Him & Gifts for Her for more!

Alright, this is coming  to an end and I wish my ideas on Christmas gift 2016 could be able to help you! If you are worried on the pricing, you shouldn't as on Printcious, everything is reasonable and affordable in price. Moreover, they are now having the Thanksgiving Day Promotion and it'd be due on 27 NOV 2016. You'll get up to 30% off by quoting "THANKS".

So what ya waiting for?! Here click in the link - Printcious - “Print Your Precious Gifts”!!!


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