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Keopi Hauseu Cafe 커피하우스 ☀ Chime Heritage, Georgetown, Penang.

by - November 25, 2015

Keopi Hauseu Cafe 커피하우스 ☀ Chime Heritage, Georgetown, Penang. I think this cafe was launched for quite some time. But this was my first time to give it a try and it definitely won't be my last time visiting here! A BIG thumbs-up for them! Previously, I read the others' blog post pertaining to this cafe, not the good ones. This really made me struggled whether to head to this cafe. But never try never know right?! Below is the sneak peek of what we ordered.

Currently, they are having the reasonable set lunch but the choices are quite limited. Only 5 choices if I'm not mistaken are on the set lunch menu. Not really sure about the price but I think it is at around RM 15.90 which is quite thrifty as it embodies of 1 bowl of soup, 1 glass of drink (limited to choices) and 1 main.
Sorry for the seeped droplets on the saucer. This is the sourish vegetable soup in HK style. In Cantonese, we name it as "luo song tong - 羅宋湯". I think it's nice in flavor. The only thing that I'm concerned is the sourness may have some negative impact to those who are freaking hungry and at the same time have the illness of stomachache. Luckily, my stomach is so strong haha!

Lemon Tea comes with the set lunch.

Green Tea that comes with another kind of set. The rice set but this one is slightly higher in price if compared to the lunch set. It possibly priced at around RM19++.

Alright, she requested me to take these pics haha! But I'm so willing to help her as it can ease my hunger of waiting my food to be served.

Alright, it's time for a short Korean Lesson! It is just the spelling for "Keopu Hauseu". Haha!

Copy the BEST Traders and Make Money :

Copy the BEST Traders and Make Money :
Spaghetti Bolognese from set lunch- The flavor is so rich and it does remind us of the Chopper Board's famous spaghetti. The sprinkle of cheese brings up the whole flavor. Spaghetti is cooked perfectly in achieving the al-dente texture.

Porky Cubes from rice set--- The waitress recommended me to try this signature dish. I'm not sure whether the name is correct but you can let them see this pic. OMG! This is the perfect comfort food for me! The pork was cooked perfectly, not too hard in texture. The salty an somehow sweet sauce is the bombshell of this set. The sauce can be just eaten with just white rice! We are still thinking of this dish right now! If you just eat the pork, it would be a bit salty to my liking. That's the reason why they serve you the rice haha! 
This small bowl is the salad, sourish in flavor and it's refreshing and reminding me of the chili sauce of the Hai Nan Chicken Rice.

Carbonara RM18-RM19 --- I had already forgotten the price, sorry! I think this can be deemed as good as the carbonara from Soul Cafe Penang. Soul cafe penang second visit ! And the presentation is so good and captivating. The milky flavor is rich, but I think they can add in more cheese to thicken it even more.

Alright the comment on food section is finished here! Below is just the section of how crazy my life might get in sometime.
They said I look like a ghost from the ghost festival, look kinda hungry and starved for quite a long time. Hhaha!
It was her idea!

We chose to dine on the 2nd floor where you may take a lot of pictorials.
A selfie before I take you guys on a short cafe tour!
I'm quite infatuated with its interior design concept which is so simple and it resembles to the cafe concept at Korea. Definitely worth a try!

Details of Keopi Hauseu Cafe 커피하우스
Address: No. 1, Bawasah Road, Chime Heritage, Penang.
Tel: 012-525 2296
Business Hour: MON-WED (11am til 3pm; 6pm til 11.30pm)
FRI-SAT (11am til 12.30am)
SUN (11am til 11.30pm) 

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